How I Met My Best Friends at BU

By Riya Haria

As you start college, there not only comes a change in surroundings but also a change in people. Each and every one of us is away from home, be it be a 30-minute drive to Waltham or a 13-hour plane ride to India. Throughout high school, everyone has been accustomed to a comfort zone or a clichéd clique. However, college changes that, compelling you to step out of that same, old comfort zone and urging you to interact with new, different people.

In the first few weeks of my freshman year, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions and met people with diverse interests. Firstly, the sentiments of sorrow came along, as coming to a new place made me realize how much I missed my best friends from back home. Stepping out of my comfort zone made me realize the worth and importance of having their friendship.

As the weeks progressed, I started making new friends each day. There was one thing about having too many friends — you are never sure if they are your people, your best friends. Whenever my family members would ask me about my friends, I would always tell them, “I know people but they are not exactly my best friends.” However, after a copious amount of icebreakers and orientation sessions, I finally found my people in college.

Ten things start happening when you meet your best friends in college during freshman year:


1. Your meals in the dining hall are incomplete without each other.

Be it a mid-Monday snack or a Sunday brunch, you will dial their number immediately and ask them to accompany you to the dining hall.


2. You start picking up on each other’s most commonly used phrases.

Soon enough, you’ll be saying “Que pasa?” instead of “What’s up?”


3. You know all about each other’s lives back home.

They will know all the names and faces of each one your friends and family members from back home.


4. You miss them terribly during breaks.

During winter break, you will constantly be managing time between FaceTiming them and spending time with your family.​


5. They understand your sentiments about being away from home.

When times get hard and the homesickness crawls in, you know you can rely on them for some comfort food and warm hugs. ​


6. You share similar same interests and spend the whole day doing stuff you both like.

They don’t judge you for watching Netflix on Friday nights, but instead, they join you.


7. You have a gym buddy, shopping buddy and frat buddy at all times.

You have the same interests and spend the whole day doing stuff you both like. ​


8. You can take trips and explore places with them.

From a road trip to Cape Cod or Cancun during Spring Break, you have the time of your life with them.​


9. You can always count on someone to listen to you.

Be it 1 am on a Sunday night in your dorm or 10 am in the Dining Hall, they will always be there to pick you up when you’re down. ​


10. No matter how many new people you come across, they will always be the ones who are there for you…

Today, I am thankful to have 5 real best friends by my side rather than 50 good friends. ​


Make sure that you find the people who understand you, believe in you and are always there for you. Make sure you find YOUR people at BU!