How to Hot-Weather Proof Your Summer Makeup

Summer is just around the corner with lots of wonderful things, but melting makeup and super-sticky lipstick are not among them. When the temperature rises, our makeup routine needs an update to let our skin breathe and enjoy the hot weather out there. I would like to share my ultimate make-up tips for the upcoming season for us girls to look at our bests at all times!

1. Forget the powder blush.

When sweat and powders mix, the result isn't pretty. When the heat comes up, powder products tend to lose their power. One of my favorite products are blushes, and every season, I usually go for the gel ones rather than the powder ones. Not only they seem to have a more fresh, natural look, but also they can stay on for hours. Right now, my personal favorite and ultimate recommendation is Glossier’s Cloud Paint; it lasts for hours on your cheeks and could be applied as a lip color too. For eyes, creamy eyeshadows will last much longer than the powder ones. Try to apply an eyeshadow base to make them last even longer.

2. Choose liquid over cream; pass on heavy foundations.

Liquids and gels are textures that hold up best in hot weather. Try to switch your foundation with a matte, liquid one. Gel and liquid products tend to hold on to your skin despite the weather. Also, try to avoid shimmery products because they usually make your skin look oily when the temperature rises. Also, using a setting primer or a finishing spray could help your foundation last longer during the hot summer days. However, if you have oily skin, avoid primers that have too much silicone. Instead, try a primer that is water-based. To set your makeup, mists are also some great options. It sets the makeup, freshens the skin, and it’s very cooling. If needed, you could use oil blotting sheets to soak up excess oil and sweat and carry them in your purse.  

3. Don’t be afraid of vivid, bold colors.

Summer means orange reds and vibrant pinks for me. When I go out on summer nights, my favorite look is usually just applying a vivid lip color and keeping all the other parts of my face natural, maybe only some mascara to highlight the lip. However, try to go for a creamy lipstick or lip-balms instead of the heavy, matte ones. I also love pink and peachy toned gel blushes for cheeks during the day, they give you the sun-kissed look without any effort. 

4. Invest in waterproof.

Summer means swimming. I personally prefer to go all natural to pool or beach days. If you like to put on mascara, it’s safer to invest in waterproof ones. I usually switch to a brown mascara to keep the natural look instead of dark black ones. For eyeliners also, go for the waterproof. It’s literally an investment.

5. Never ever forget sunscreen!

Always start your makeup with sunscreen and be sure to apply it 30 minutes before you go out. It is the ultimate step in your skincare routine! Look for a sunscreen with stable UVA shields, like Mexoryl and Helioplex. If your face is getting exposure to the sun for a long time, be sure to re-apply sunscreen in every two hours. Instead of SPF foundations, my go-to routine includes a moisturizer with an SPF. Some tinted moisturizers have SPF in them, they are also a good option without adding layers to your skin. One of the worst things you can do to your skin is to apply too much product, instead just focus on the key steps. If you really like getting bronzer during the summer, I recommend self-tan products or going for a bronzer. Try to go light on the contouring. 

6. Skip heavy fragrances.

For all kinds of products, try to go for the ones that don't have a heavy fragrance, it could irritate your skin. I always tend to change my fragrance to a lighter one when the sun comes out. 

I have listed my personal top six summer makeup tricks above, and believe that they will help us ladies look our bests at all temperatures! With these steps, any heat could not make you feel bad, and your makeup will stay fresh all summer long!




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