How to Get Over a Fuckboy

The era of “nice guys” has officially come to an end. Welcome to the reign of the “fuckboy” -- an entitled jerk who has probably hooked up with you in the past but then claimed he “didn’t want to lead you on” because he’s getting serious with another girl.

You might know him as Derrick from your Chemistry class, or Josh the hockey player, or even the nerdy guy from the South you thought was going to be nice. The worst part is, if you are completely naive and oblivious like me, you can almost never tell immediately if he’s going to turn out to be just another nasty fuckboy.

Here's how to make sure you get over him and get over him fast: 


1. Stop calling him/contacting him

Listen to me. He was into you at some point but he’s moved on now and you should too. He was here for a good time, not a long time, and you both had your fun but now he’s being a jerk about it. You could keep pestering him about why he’s being a terrible person and ignoring how you feel but that’s just going to make you feel worse about the situation. You need to understand that nothing was going to work out between you two anyways because he didn’t see you for your amazing self. You don’t deserve a guy who leaves you on read, takes two hours to text you, and when he does, he only replies with a “K” or “maybe.”


2. Have A Girls’ Night Out

Screw Josh/Darren/Jake/Robbie, you deserve some fun, and you need to get up and go out. Time heals all wounds and (if you’re 21 and over), so do a few (safe) drinks. Even if you can’t drink, you can have a wholesome night dancing away to some good music. Chances are you might even meet a cutie on the dance floor who will help take your mind off things for a bit.


3. Don’t Let Him Keep You Hanging Around

As Joanne the Scammer said, move on girly, just move on. He might reach out to you a couple of times because he’s lonely and needs someone to cuddle with. You are definitely going to want to be like, “Hell yes!” But that is not what you are going to do. You are going to make sure you pull yourself together and say no because there are more attractive and nicer fish in the sea.


4. Look Hot

This move does take a little bit more physical effort than I would normally like but it sure as hell is effective. You’ve got ample opportunity to flaunt your hot bod around him and make him regret what’s he’s missing out on. Especially if he’s in your Chem 101 class. In which case, stay clear of him, because he’s probably gonna break a beaker or two when he sees you. 


5. Remember His Flaws

Nobody’s perfect, least of all him. I can already tell you he’s got one major problem — he doesn’t see that he’s letting a perfectly intelligent, funny, beautiful, and kind lady like yourself go while he breaks dozens of other amazing girls’ hearts. A guy like that was never ‘boyfriend’ or even fuckbuddy material because he doesn’t stick around for anything at all. Except maybe long enough to give you an STI. If so, please do yourself a favor and get that checked out.


6. Stop Blaming The “Skanks” He’s Texting

The issue with this is that the girls probably don’t know he messed around with you, too. I doubt Chad was planning on telling Emily from Biology that he used to hook up with you and then ghosted you. She’s just as oblivious as you were when you first met him. Don’t go for the cheap shot. As Michelle Obama said, when they go low, we go high. Plus, girls’ solidarity is so important! We need to be here for each other.


7. Move On

This is, for sure, easier said than done. I know, because I’ve been trying myself. You always think to yourself that maybe, just maybe, you could be the one to change him. You think about how nice kissing him was, and how he gives you butterflies in your stomach every time he walks by you. The truth is that you’re glossing over his flaws and only seeing the few okay things he does to pass as a decent human being. Once you remove those rose-tinted glasses, you’ll see him for who he really is. And finally, you can move on!


As a wise person once said to me, there is plenty of time for you to get to know who you are meant to be with. Before you meet them, you’ll be hit with many distractions and disturbances, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. I promise!