How to Get Bomb Instagram Pictures, Pandemic Style

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, one thing the world kept in practice was connecting with each other on social media. Since we can’t see most of our loved ones in real life, social media is the next best thing we have. Honestly, I’m glad that the one thing that hasn’t changed due to coronavirus is posting on Instagram. Even during a pandemic, some of us are still thriving and actively posting on Instagram. Here are some ways you can get some photoshoots done to post on your Instagram, even in crazy times like this!

  1. 1. Have a chill photoshoot in your house.

    Black girl at computer desk writing in journal write natural work corporate african

    Clean it up and nicely decorate at least a corner of your home and make it insta-worthy! Your environment has such a big impact on your mental health as well, so it’s a win-win to make it pretty. Pose with a mug, a book, or your pet.

  2. 2. If you have a car, go to a drive-thru and grab your favorite drink.

    Photo Of Woman Driving Car

    Pose in the front seat and be cute staying safe in your own space! Like fixing up your home, you can also clean and decorate your car. Another win-win!

  3. 3. Have a picnic with your roommates!

    Picnic Donuts

    Lay a blanket down and serve a home-made charcuterie board, along with your favorite drinks. Dress up and have a photoshoot (I always recommend taking pictures at golden hour....right when the sunset is about to hit). You can get bomb pictures, stay safe and socially distant, and eat some yummy food.

  4. 4. Go on a ride!

    man and woman on bikes at sunset

    Whether you bike, skateboard, or roller skate, it’s a great way to get exercise, explore your city, and get some cute pictures.

  5. 5. Go outdoors!

    girl standing in field of flowers

    You can go to the beach, go on a hike, or go fruit picking and still be safe from others. Just make sure to wear a mask and stay away from others. They’re all super fun activities to do with your loved ones and great ways to get some cute pictures.

If all else fails, get some inspiration on Pinterest or take some pictures of your friends! Whether or not you post or like taking photos, taking pictures is always a fun idea.

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