How to Get Along With Your Roommate

Wherever you are, whoever you are, there will always be an issue between roommates. Your roommate can make your college experience either really fun or an actual living hell. These are some tips on how to get along with your roommate! Remember: you don’t have to be best friends with your roommate but you guys should be communicative and at least civil. Here’s how to do just that!

The first rule of thumb is communication. Being open with your roommate is super important in setting some ground rules. Share with each other your expectations while not sounding too bossy or rude. Set up a system to have designated private time in the room. Speaking of systems, if one of you plans to bring any ~special friends~ over, let your roommate know and make sure they’re cool with it. Open communication with your schedules helps you guys figure out when the room is empty or when the room is occupied and the both of you can greatly benefit from it. 

There are certain things you can do in a shared room, and there are some things you cannot do in a shared room. Just acting like a normal human being can go a long way. If your roommate likes things a little tidier, then try your hardest to be a little neater — the effort really goes a long way. Always lock the door before you leave. Always let your roommate know if you’re having friends over. If your roommate is looking like they’re going to bed and you’re still awake, go to a common room or stop working and go to sleep also.

If you’re close to your roommate, that’s great! But there is such a thing as too close. You need to make other friends and spend some time apart. Too much time together will mean you guys will get sick of each other and neither of wants that. 

Another aspect of personal space and privacy is phone calls. If your roommate is on an important phone call, try drawing your attention somewhere else. Put in your headphones, go to the common room, go to the bathroom, anything that allows them to have their space and private time. 

Don’t be gross. Try to keep a tidy room and don't have your stuff flying everywhere. Even if you’re a naturally messy person, college is a time of self-improvement and living with someone is a great opportunity to organize your life.  

Along with everything in life, there is of course boundaries. Don’t use your roommates stuff without permission. Even “if she always lets me and won’t care,” if she didn’t say yes that time, then you cannot use it. If your roommate is being mean or obnoxious, then be the bigger person and talk it out. Don’t try to pry in their private life or their private business. If they wanted you to know, then you would’ve known already.

If your first few weeks have been a little rough don’t sweat it! These tips will make it (hopefully) a lot easier. If you aren’t BFF’s with your roommate, then this will force you to go out and be social and make awesome friends!


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