How to Figure Out What Cleanse You Need

To start this article off, I want to clarify that I am in no way, shape, or form an expert on self-care and the different types of cleanses this world has to offer. In fact, I don’t even know the grand majority of cleanses that exist in the world. But I can say that I have had my fair share of cleanses, from the big and almost life-altering to the small and uplifting. From my experience with resetting different areas of my life, I’ve deduced that there are certain steps and thought processes involved in going on (and even thinking about) a cleanse.

What Feels Wrong?

The pre-step to all other steps is recognizing that something isn’t making you feel too cute. Whether it be lack of healthy things (sleep, a well-rounded diet, etc.) or an obsession over the unhealthy things (i.e. toxic relationships and social media feeds), zoning in on one area for improvement is always the best place to start.

Just looking in the mirror one day and saying you need to throw away your phone and do all the face masks ever and stay away from Oreos will stress you out even more. Find the one part of your lifestyle that you haven’t been the kindest to and understand that in focusing on its betterment, every reset to follow will come easier.

Do Your Research

While living in the age of Google can seem a little too reliant on the opinions of the WWW, it is actually the best resource for finding what cleanse methods will work best for you. From YouTube videos to articles, use everything to your advantage. As you start finding what activities interest you most, make lists for any supplies that you need. It’s better to stock up with things as opposed to getting them as you go. Being prepared will motivate you to keep strong during the early moments of your cleanse!

Set Some Goals

So you’ve realized what you want to focus on and you’ve done your research. Now comes setting some reasonable goals that will have you feeling super accomplished. From the amount of the time, you want to spend on your cleanse to how long you intend on it lasting: time is at the heart of this step. After you’ve figured out a pretty good time length, then you can figure out if you want to include people in your cleanse or fly solo on this one. That way you can establish the difference between socializing time and me time.

Recognizing that it’s time for a personal reset can be hard. But the payoff from focusing on yourself and making a conscious effort to improve is so worth the effort. Do you have experiences with self-care cleanses? Let us know how your journey towards self-improvement has helped you.


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