How to Escape FOMO

FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out, is plaguing a lot of people, especially college students.With the never-ending list of new social media apps that offer instant updates on everyone’s plans, getting jealous of lives of others is understandable. There’s that party your friends are at that you didn’t hear about; your other group of friends are eating an extravagant dinner at a fancy restaurant that you’ve never been to; that other friend you follow on Instagram seems to be in a new country every week— the list never ends.

As you finish checking Snapchat stories, scrolling down aimlessly on Instagram, or stalking Facebook albums, you start feeling depressed and think to yourself, “Why isn’t my life as good as theirs?” Yes, it’s an awful feeling, but don’t worry, you’re not alone! In this age of constant hyper-communication, we all experience FOMO one way or another. But if you seem to always feel down because of what’s happening in other people’s lives, here are some tips!

1. Don't check social media every second

Put down your phones! Your lives at the moment are way more important than others’ newest updates. Every minute, someone will upload new pictures or update his or her Snap story. You’ll realize that the less you’re constantly checking up on others’ lives, the happier you will be with yours!

2. Just enjoy the moment

It’s O.K. if you’re just staying in with your friends to have a movie night. Any time spent with people you like is quality time. Don’t think that you’ll necessarily be having more fun if you were at a party. Make the conversations and memories count with those you truly care about!

3. Organize your own plans!

Let’s be honest, people are lazy! Chances are, a lot of people are also waiting for others to invite them. It’s totally normal to take the initiative and plan your own party and fun. Your friends would be excited and flattered to be invited. You can also channel your inner party planning skills for a great time!

4. Delete social media apps, or take a break from them.

If you delete some social media apps for a while, you’ll realize that you don’t miss them. It’s hard these days to not have social media especially when the world has gone so digital. But seriously, delete the apps off of your phone and check the sites on your computer. You’ll feel a lot happier!