How to Cope with Hangovers

It’s the weekend, and it’s the time we make bad choices. Did you take too many shots at the pre-game? Or, did you have too many glasses at the wine night? We all have those moments when we over-indulge, and we wake up with awful headaches and hangovers. When these moments happen, reflecting on your actions the night before is important— after all, practicing safe drinking is important, even if you’re of age. We must look forward and not let this hangover hinder us from doing other important tasks. Here are some tips for dealing with your hangovers

Drink a lot of water

I know you’ve heard it before, but seriously, water is the ultimate elixir to hangovers. When you’re feeling gross the next morning, most likely your body is dehydrated. Water will help replenish your body and make you feel instantly better. No matter how awful you feel, just try to squeeze the water in.

Have a nutritious breakfast

Breakfast may have been a wrong term. Obviously if you’re having a hangover, you wouldn’t wake up in time for breakfast. But no matter when you finally wake up, remember to treat yourself to a carbohydrates-filled and nutritious breakfast. Eating well will help kick your metabolism and help you feel less sluggish. Try to choose low-sodium foods like fruits and breads, because these are the foods that will kick your hangover away!

Sleep in

Sleep is super important to get your body recovered. It's when your body resets and replenishes. It’s perfectly O.K. to take a nap or stay in when you feel sick. If you decide to overwork yourself instead, you may feel even worst the next day. Give yourself some resting and relaxing time so you’re not overworking yourself in the worst conditions.

Drink tea!

If you like caffeine, you’ll be ecstatic about the effects teas have. Teas have antioxidants meant to keep you energized and awake. They are perfect for nauseous stomachs and headaches and help you stay relaxed. Go grab your cup of tea now!