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How to “Be a Jerry” from Cheer

If you’ve been on social media at all in the past month, chances are you’ve heard of Cheer, Netflix’s docuseries on Navarro College’s co-ed cheer team. After its explosive popularity, people online, from everyday viewers to celebrities like Ellen, have been obsessed with one team member in particular: Jerry Harris.

Posts have been circulating online, many of them stating: “If you can be anything in the world, be a Jerry.” I couldn’t agree with the sentiment more, but what exactly does it mean to “be a Jerry”? While rewatching the series, I took notes on the things that make Jerry such a loveable human being.

Cheer on your friends.

When Jerry is first introduced on Cheer, he is “mat talking” his teammates. Throughout every routine, whether he is performing or watching on the sidelines, Jerry loudly cheers on all of his teammates, reminding them of technique and perseverance.

Be dedicated.

Jerry knows all about the history of cheerleading, and throughout the show, he spouts out facts about both previous Navarro squads and different competitive groups from across the country. Clearly, he has done his research about the squads preceding him.

Know that others have your back.

The first (of multiple) times I cried over Cheer was hearing the story of Jerry’s mother, who fought to keep him in cheerleading even as she battled cancer. After her passing, other women and people in the cheer community rallied around Jerry to make sure he could continue with the sport he loves. Jerry’s sense of constant support allows him to grow and be the best version of himself.

Do what you love.

All of the above steps, from being positive to being dedicated are possible because Jerry loves cheer – it’s clear and obvious. That love gives him the motivation to be the awesome person the world now knows and loves.

It can be hard to maintain a positive attitude, but with these four steps, it is easy to start loving and appreciating everything that life has to offer. (And also, Jerry Harris, if you read this, know that I (and all Cheer viewers) love you and will support you no matter what!)


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Originally from Nashville, TN, Grace is a junior at Boston University double majoring in media science and economics with minors in international relations and French. She can be found quoting Disney movies, defending country music, and searching for the city's best iced vanilla lattes.
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