How To Be Gluten Free at BU

I’ve been gluten-free for three years because I get insane migraines when I eat wheat. Sometimes it can be difficult to stick to this lifestyle, but luckily Boston University offers a variety of options to keep everyone happy. Keep reading for my favorite tips and tricks to stay gluten-free in college.

1. Get access to the gluten-free pantry.

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There is a gluten-free pantry in every dining hall at Boston University. You can gain swipe access through your BU ID if you take a class in Sargent and get certified. It’s super easy and only takes 30 minutes. After you get certified, you can access all the gluten-free food in the dining hall. They actually have really yummy cookies, bread, and even waffles. It’s definitely worth it to take the class!  

2. City Co’s gluten-free section.

City Co has a small area with lots of gluten-free snacks! My favorites, although sometimes out of stock, are the peanut butter crackers and also the sesame seed crackers. I will sometimes buy the crackers and then buy a small jar of hummus because the hummus usually comes with pretzels, which I cannot eat. Another benefit of buying gluten-free snacks at City Co is that you can use your convenience points. Other easy gluten-free snacks to buy at City Co include kind bars, dried fruit, and nuts.

3. The sandwiches in the GSU can be made gluten-free.

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The Charles River Bread Co., or more commonly known as the place where you can customize your own sandwich in the GSU, offers gluten-free bread at no extra charge! This was a life-changing discovery for me. I thought I was doomed to only get salads at the GSU because it’s one of the only gluten-free options, but I was wrong! They do warn that cross contamination may occur, so be wary of that. Also, the deli meat is boars head, which is also gluten-free.

4. The gluten-free breakfast sandwich from Starbucks.

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Starbucks offers a gluten-free breakfast sandwich that is actually yummy. And, if the Starbucks is on campus, you can pay for it using convenience or dining points! The sandwich has ham, cheese, and a gluten-free English muffin. It’s an easy option for a quick breakfast before class or a huge test. Starbucks also offers sriracha and avocado for extras on your sandwich if you’re feeling inspired. They also have other gluten-free snacks including Tillamook cheese squares and different flavors of popcorn.

5. The gluten-free station in the dining hall.

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There is always one gluten-free station in the dining hall at BU and it'll have a sign marking it as gluten-free. Usually, it’s some sort of grilled chicken with vegetables and rice. Sometimes, they offer gluten-free pasta which can be good. I like to get the grilled chicken and rice, skip the vegetables, and then get a salad with lots of chickpeas, feta, and carrots.

Overall, BU does a good job of accommodating people who are gluten-free and offers a lot of options. Let me know in the comments if there are any other places on campus that offer good gluten-free fare!


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