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Hot New Beauty Products Every Collegiette Should Try

Hey, HBCU! As we are entering into spring and summer, there are a bunch of new hot beauty products that you need to know about—right now—so that you’re ahead of the game!

1. Wander Beauty by Lindsay Ellingson: Yes, you’re reading this correctly—the Victoria’s Secret bombshell has launched her very own beauty product line and it looks amazing. “It’s for the modern woman who’s traveling and doing her makeup in a taxi like I did this morning,” she said in an interview with Allure. This line sounds like it is going to be ideal for us busy a$$ college girls! Her first two products include On-the-Glow Blush sticks and dual-ended cheek and lip creams with an accompanying highlighter. “The colors are soft and blendable, and they’re free of fragrance, mineral oil, and parabens,” she added. More products will launch in the fall.

2. St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil: Adding a bit of this to your skin routine is a guaranteed game-changer. The pros of self-tanning your face? Too many to name, but a few key ones include the fact that you can easily cut back on foundation (your skin will look instantly clearer and will have an even tone,) and if you are one of those girls whose face is always a tad bit lighter than her body (a good thing! This means you value SPF,) then a little self-tanner on your face can work wonders for you.
3. Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion: I personally CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on this. I’m a big fan of beach sprays but hate the fact that they are so drying on the hair. This new product is made with coconut, mango, and passion-fruit oils, so it will be sure to add some moisture back into your locks. The funny thing is that this stuff is seriously sold out everywhere (I’m the freak who signed up for email notifications for when this is back in stock on Sephora’s website, LOL.) If anyone sees it anywhere, feel free to let me know ASAP. Or pick it up for me. Venmo, anyone? ;)

4. New Essie Nail Colors by Rebecca Minkoff: These shades are absolutely perfect for the spring and summer. I’m obsessed. 

5. Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection: I can’t even begin to explain how genius this stuff is. You know how tedious it becomes when applying layers of mascara—your lashes start to clump together, resulting in a weird, gross mess, and then you have to work even harder to separate them and clean them up. Well, this new product claims to eliminate just that. What you do: after applying a coat of mascara and before reapplying, you brush this on your lashes. Its clear serum softens the mascara that exists, separates the lashes and preps the lashes for new layers. Yes, you can then resume layering however many layers strike your fancy (8 more? No judgements.)


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