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Highlights of Summer 2015

  1. Birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (May 2nd)

     All hail the Princess! Our summer got off to a great start with the birth of our new princess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess on their new addition to the Royal Family.  

  2. Beyoncé’s Dress at the Met Gala (May 4th)

     Queen B blessed this whole year by stepping out onto the red carpet at the Met Gala completely drizzled in gold. Thank you for reminding us of how stunning and fearless women can be.    

  3. “Alice in Wonderland” turns 150 (June 4th)

     Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic children’s book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” turned 150 this summer! The book has been translated into 174 languages and the dreamy story about a young girl falling down a rabbit hole continues to spark the fantasies of a world beyond understanding.

  4. Legalization of Gay Marriage in the US (June 26th)   

     On June 26th 2015 the US Supreme Court took a huge step for humanity by legalizing same-sex marriage all over the nation. The movement to obtain civil marriage rights began in the 70s and has been prevalent ever since.

  5. USA Women’s Soccer Team Wins The World Cup (July 5th)

     The USA Women’s Soccer Team won the FIFA World Cup in Canada this summer, beating Japan in the finals 5-2. This is the USA’s 3rd championship title.  

  6. South Carolina Removes Confederate Flag (July 10th)

     On July 10th the Confederate Flag— a symbol many people associate with the support of racism and white supremacy— was taken down at the South Carolina capitol grounds. The removal of the flag was triggered by the Charleston massacre in which nine black churchgoers were killed.

  7. BU Alum Crowned Miss USA (July 12th)

     26-year old BU graduate Olivia Jordan was crowned Miss USA. She graduated with a BS in Health Science in 2011 and was a member of Alpha Phi Fraternity on campus. She is the second BU alum to be crowned as Miss USA!

  8. First Spacecraft in History visits Pluto (July 14th)

     NASA’s spacecraft “New Horizons” becomes the first spaceship to visit Pluto by performing a close flyby of the distant world on July 14th. The goal of the launch is to study the atmospheres, surfaces, interiors and environments of Pluto and its moons.

  9. The Discovery of Coconut Oil as a Beauty Product

     This summer Coconut Oil has become the new hottest product and trend on the market. And thank God! It’s natural health and beauty benefits are endless. Whether you’d like to turn your hair into liquid silk or treat your skin to a delicious aromatic lavishness, this natural product is the way to go. You have endless opportunities to put coconut oil to use (It’s even good for cooking!).

  10. Donald Trump runs for Presidential Candidate (August 6th)

     Multi-billionaire, real estate developer and businessman Donald Trump formally launched his presidential campaign this summer, announcing he would run as a presidential candidate for the Republican Party in 2016’s elections. His candidacy has sparked a lot of controversy due to his rash and direct comments linked to possible racism and xenophobia. Nevertheless he has climbed to the top of the Republican primary polls. This might be an very interesting campaign to follow!


Roxanne is a 21-year old Boston University student from Düsseldorf, Germany, who is majoring in Film & TV and is currently completing a semester in Los Angeles, California.
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