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The Hidden Treasures of a Daily Instagram Account

This year I created a new Instagram account where I post pictures and descriptions of what I did each day of 2018. I document each day like a daily online journal or diary. I now have a record of my entire year so far and I love looking back and being able to know what I did daily!

At night I am able to reflect on my day as I write out a recap of anything and everything that I did, felt or want to be able to remember in the future. Writing about my days is a nice way to recall funny, happy, or tough moments. Through doing this everyday this year, I have also been able to develop my own voice and style of writing in a casual way that is personal to me.

Something else that I love about doing this is that it encourages me to take more pictures. I now have at least one photo from everyday this year and I constantly find myself taking pictures to remember moments throughout my day. Before creating this account I didn’t typically take that many photos, but I now have a surplus of photos that I love to look back on.

Another aspect that I love about having this account is sharing my posts with people and getting their responses. My posts not only give me satisfaction, but allow my friends and family to also have a record of this year. Many of them have told me that they enjoy reading my posts because my captions describe a day that we had together, but from my perspective.

Although I love seeing my close friends and family’s responses and comments on my posts, I do my daily posts for myself, so that I will always have this record of my life. I love that I have the ability to look back at my favorite days this year. Another thing that I enjoy about writing my daily posts is that this year in particular was a very significant and exciting year for me. Now, not only do I have pictures and videos from every day, but also in-depth descriptions so that I won’t forget anything important. This year I graduated from high school, ran a marathon, spent a month and a half in Europe over the summer, moved to Boston, and became a college student. Being able to have these significant events and changes in my life recorded is already rewarding to look back on, and I love that I am going to be able to always have this memoir of my life.


Even if it is not every day, or even every week, I would encourage anyone and everyone to find a way to reflect on your life because whether you post it where other people can see, or if you just keep it for yourself like a diary, it is satisfying and valuable to be able to look back on what you do and achieve in a day, week, month or year.


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India is a freshman in the College of Communications, but is currently undecided. She is from Hermosa Beach California and is used to living by the beach. She's not sure how the winter is going to go, but she is excited to make Boston her new home this year!
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