Her Campus' Margo Ghertner Goes Backstage at New York Fashion Week

For many, Fashion Week is a wishful dream, a goal to work towards, and an occasion to look forward to. But for BU sophomore, Margo Ghertner, Fashion Week became a reality. Margo is an inspiration to all young, college-age women. With the intent of becoming a journalist, Margo has taken advantage of every opportunity that she’s been presented with, and used them to shape her already diverse persona.

Photo Credit: Margo Ghertner

In awe of her ability to go to the highly coveted New York Fashion Week, I was desperate to hear about her experience and how she managed to get an invitation!

Here’s what she had to say:

Gabriella Messina: How many years have you gone to Fashion Week?

Margo Ghertner: Just one! This year was my first year.

GM: How did you get this opportunity?

MG: One of the writing jobs I currently have is with More Lovely, an online beauty and fashion publication. With them, I work as a freelance writer and do social media for the site. My friend Zoe Hawryluk connected me with my current boss, who used to work for the NY Post, The Washington Post, and the LA Times. Having worked for those publications, she still has connections with PR agencies in NYC who still send her products and press passes for NYFW showcases. In my internship right now, I also have products sent to me from varying brands for review and they have also sent me invitations as press for NYFW events. My boss wasn’t able to attend NYFW this season, so I went in her place.

Photo Credit: Margo Ghertner

GM: What did you expect it to be like?

MG: I expected that it would be incredibly fast-paced like any reporting job is. With reporting, you have to be quick on your feet and think about more than the words—you have to paint a picture for the reader using photos, quotes, atmosphere/mood description, and product discussion.

GM: What was the experience actually like?

MG: It was just as fast-paced as I anticipated. I had to wake up at 4 am every day!

GM: Did you stay in New York? Did you bring friends?

MG: I stayed in the city with my Mom. She came to visit for moral support. I didn’t really have time to do anything other than work—this was strictly a work and networking trip.

GM: Do you have a favorite moment from the experience?

MG: Since I was doing all backstage press, I was able to meet all of the makeup artists and hair stylists. My favorite moment was at the Adam Lippes show in Brooklyn Heights. Sarah Lucero, Global Director of Artistry at Stila Cosmetics, actually started doing my makeup as I was interviewing her. It was dope!

Photo Credit: Margo Ghertner

GM: Did you have a favorite look that you saw?

MG: I loved all the makeup looks I saw because they were all so glowy, natural, and truly catered to the natural traits of the individual model. I think it’s so important that brands accentuate women of all cultural and racial backgrounds so that everyone can feel represented and that’s exactly what I saw at NYFW this season.

Photo Credit: Margo Ghertner

GM: What did YOU wear?!

MG: [laughing] Pretty much just sweaters, jeans, and a pair of suede sneakers—I honestly didn’t care about my look too much because I needed to focus on my job and not being uncomfortable.

Photo Credit: Margo Ghertner

GM: Has it inspired you to explore a career in fashion writing? Have you always wanted to write about fashion?

MG: When it comes to writing, I will take any opportunity I can get to better my craft. Writing truly is like a muscle; you have to write every day to strengthen it, tone it, and improve it—so that’s what I do. I have so many interests and writing allows me to explore all of them. Fashion is one of them, but I don’t know if I will be writing exclusively on fashion in the future. I like to use my voice on larger issues as well, which is why my advice column here on Her Campus is so special to me.

Watching Margo’s Instagram story that weekend, I was definitely jealous, but impressed with her use of connections. Margo exemplifies the idea that opportunities will arise but it’s up to you to make the most of them. Margo never misses the chance to improve her writing and experience new things in the process. It’s clear that Margo has a bright future, one which she’s curated herself and worked hard to maintain.

Cover Photo Credit: Margo Ghertner


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