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Harris Gordon (SMG ’16) and Noah McAskill (SMG ’16)

If you’ve heard of one of this week’s two Campus Cuties, Harris Gordon (SMG ’16) and Noah McAskill (SMG ’16), there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of the other one as well. These roommates, who compare themselves to Friends’ Chandler and Joey, come as an inseparable package. Their friendship traces back to orientation the summer before freshman year began.

“He was the first person I met at BU. We just got along right away,” Noah explains. “Not only do we share the same interests, but we help each other with our incompetencies.”

Harris and Noah do indeed share several similar hobbies and interests. Both boys are pursuing concentrations in finance (Noah is also concentrating in marketing) and are active members of the finance club. In their free time, they love playing around with photography and photoshop. Similarities aside, the boys have several different hobbies and interests as well. Noah has held an internship with Boston’s online arts magazine, The Arts Fuse, and Harris is in the process of becoming a brother for the co-ed professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.

“I love soccer too!” Harris adds. 

“Harris, you know FIFA doesn’t count as actual soccer,” Noah interrupts.

Throughout our interview, the comedic best friends kept up with this back and forth witty banter, pausing only when introduced to a new question. When asked about their ideal first dates, both boys perked up before answering.

“I would take her on a vespa to one of the most romantic restaurants I know, called Serafina. After that, we would probably just watch Netflix,” Noah laughs.

“And I would probably just tag along on Noah’s date,” Harris chimes in. “Kidding. I would like to take her on a boat ride in the Boston Commons, and then I’d cook her a nice dinner.” Aww. 

These cuties not only show that they possess humorous sides, but that they have sweet and sensitive sides as well. While Harris opts for a girl with both “beauty and brains,” Noah opts for someone who is particularly genuine.

“My girl has to be passionate and spontaneous. I like a girl who can speak her own mind and isn’t afraid to show who she is.”

Feel free to get your hopes up, ladies, because both of this week’s cuties are single and ready to mingle.

For more updates on Harris and Noah, check out their respective Twitter accounts: @GordonHordon and @rascal_mcaskill.

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