Hairstyles Based on Your Hogwarts House

A person’s Hogwarts House has basically become as popular and personal of an identity as their horoscope.  Muggle college students are everywhere are embracing the qualities of their sorting results with pride, donning scarves in Gryffindor colors or Hufflepuff inspired charm bracelets. So if you’ve still got Harry Potter fever and feel like repping your house in another fun and fashionable way check out a few of these cute hair ideas based off the characteristics of J.K. Rowling’s fabulous world! 


Day- High, Sleek Pony

Gryffindors are the go-getters of Hogwarts, and they need a hairstyle that fits with their busy, active lifestyles. A smooth high ponytail   translates perfectly from the Quidditch pitch to the classroom. To achieve this look brush all hair straight up  at the crown, apply one coat of shine serum to prevent frizziness and secure tightly with an elastic.

Night- Big, Wild Curls

Embrace the lion mascot of Gryffindor house with a mane of bouncy, beautiful curls! Tease hair out at the crown before styling each section with a medium-sized curling wand. Then load up on the hairspray and hit the town!


Day- Low Pigtails

Low pigtail looks have been huge on the 2016 runways lately, and this adorable style is perfect for the sweet and approachable Hufflepuff. The key to keeping the style from looking too childish is to secure each pigtail about an inch beneath the ear and brush through the bottom section to loosen it up.

Night- Half-Up Boho

Hufflepuffs favor a go-with-the-flow attitude, and aren’t concerned with spending 40 minutes in the bathroom getting ready before a party. Embrace the cute and casual nature of the Badger by leaving hair in loose waves and pulling the top section back in a braided crown.


Day- Soft Side Braid

The practicality of braids fits perfectly with the vibe of an intellectual Ravenclaw. This simple braid is the best way for staying focused and keeping   hair out of your face during those late-night cram sessions in the library.

Night- Messy Braided Bun

Eccentric and innovative Ravenclaws are always up to experiment and that includes trying out new hairstyles! Luna Lovegood would definitely be all about the interesting texture in this braided bun look. 



Day- Smooth Top Knot

The ambitious, strong-willed Slytherin doesn’t need to rely on a fancy ‘do’ to showcase their killer confidence. Pulling all hair back in a sleek bun at the top of the head is the perfect no-nonsense statement that immediately directs all attention to the face.

Night- Slicked Back Glamour  

Amp up the drama and showcase that smooth, serpent-like charm for a night out by trying out the on trend trendy slicked back style paired with a seductive smoky eye and statement lip.

No matter your Hogwarts allegiance you can always find a way to look incredible in the non-magical world while still embracing your inner HP geek!