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Guide To Transitioning Your Wardrobe

This time of year can be truly awkward for your wardrobe. It’s chilly in the morning and it becomes warm throughout the day. You don’t know if you should put away your winter gear or refrain from touching your spring duds. But rest assured that transitioning your wardrobe doesn’t have to be such a chore. And incorporating touches of spring can be fun! So check out this guide when the New England weather leaves you a little confused and intimidated.

1. Add a Pop of Color

Trade in your winter neutrals like navy, black, and grey. Wearing brighter colors is the best way to introduce your wardrobe to the spring.  Even try just wearing bright and boldly colored jewelry and accessories if you’re not quite ready to give up on your winter apparel just yet.

2. Incorporate Florals and Powder Hues

Floral print screams spring, so prepare to put it in your wardrobe rotation. Also, become acquainted with your pastels and powder hues like baby blue, light yellow, lavender, and mint green.

3. Trade Riding Boots for Booties and Colored Flats

In Boston, it’s still too cool for open toed shoes and the weather often shifts even on an hourly basis. So you don’t want to give up your boots just yet. But break out your bangin’ booties, funky flats, and luxurious loafers to give those knee-highs a vacation. They’ll be great for keeping warm while giving up all of your heavy-duty winter shoe gear.

4. From Wool to Lightweight Scarves

Scarves will be your best friends during the weather transition.  But you can trade in your thick, heavy scarves for lighter material scarves. They still add warmth during the New England breezes without causing you to overheat when the temperature rises.

5. Break Out Utility Jackets and Trenches

It will be time to retire that heavy North Face soon.  Utility jackets, trench coats, and denim jackets will become great substitutes during the transition. Faux fur and leather vests, or the likes, will also work well when paired over light sweaters and long sleeves.

6. Go For Colored and Light-Washed Denim

Don’t forget about your bottom half! Colored pants or colored denim also welcome the spring. Even trade out your dark denim for lighter washes to brighten your look for the season.

7. Opt for Cropped Sweaters

You don’t want to give up on your sweaters or long sleeves just yet. However, try transitioning into cropped sweaters. It can’t hurt to show a bit of skin to usher in the spring and you can have fun with layering under them (Layer them under patterned blouses for a bolder and funkier look!).

8. White is OK!

The consensus is that white is acceptable at any time of year, especially during the spring. So feel free to test the fresh, spring waters with white jeans or pants. Consider it a staple in your transition wardrobe.

9. Hide Your Leggings

Don’t think it’s too soon to bring your favorite maxi back to life. It will be easy to disguise your leggings or body suits under long dresses or skirts. No one will know you’re keeping warm under such “summery” outfits.

10. Mix Lightweight and Heavyweight Pieces

I think there’s something about contrasting pieces that we both love and have mastered here at BU. The juxtaposition of say, a chiffon dress with a leather jacket and combat boots is something that works well in the spring. So don’t be afraid to pair a piece reminiscent of summer with a winter staple.

11. Knee-highs and Tights

Tights and knee-high socks come in handy when you’re ready to wear a pair of shorts or a mini skirt, but the weather is slightly holding you back. Complete the look with your awesome booties or a pair of combat boots.

12. Layer, Layer, Layer (duh!)

It goes without saying! And we’re certainly all used to it in this Boston weather. Layers will keep you warm if the temperature happens to drop, which is very likely before the transition to spring is complete. And it’s always easy to remove a layer or two should the temperature rise during the day. So layer away on top of tanks and tees with light scarves, blazers, cardigans, denim, etc. They layers will save you when predicting the weather becomes tricky. 

Summer is a Boston University graduate ('15) that received a BS in Journalism with a concentration in magazine journalism. Her interests include editorial design and lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content, as she aspires to be a fashion magazine writer and editor. She is currently a fashion and beauty writer for Bustle.com and previously served as a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Boston University. Summer likes to think of herself as a lipstick enthusiast and smoothie connoisseur, so when she isn't writing for Bustle, you could probably find her sipping on a strawberry-banana smoothie and planning her next purchases at Sephora. Follow Summer on Twitter @SummerArlexis
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