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A Guide to Packing Minimally & Fashionably for Study Abroad

Packing your bags? Shipping off to another country for a few months? Going away for one or more months can be challenging. How do you know what to bring and have enough room for it all? Here is my plan on how I’m going to pack fashionably for study abroad. Remember: keep it simple and don’t overpack! 


Bring the Basics

When going abroad, pick shirts that are easily matchable. You want to choose items that can easily be paired with any pants or shorts. This makes it so you can easily re-wear items. If you wear a basic black t-shirt with jeans one day, you can just switch out the pants the following day. Packing basic shirts is essential, especially if you have limited access to laundry.  

Pick a Few Essential Accessories

We all have a favorite pair of earrings or necklace. Accessories are a fun and simple way to dress up an outfit and make it unique! The good thing about accessories is they don’t take up much room in a suitcase. Pack a few of your favorite jewelry pieces that you can re-wear throughout your time abroad!

Choose a Matchable Purse  

When going abroad, pick one (or two) of your favorite bags that can easily be MATCHED with other clothing you are bringing. There’s no point in bringing a bag if you can only wear it with one outfit. Especially abroad, you only need one or two bags. You’ll be bringing this bag with you everywhere, so pick one you can wear with anything!

Pack a Stylish Belt  

Belts can really dress up an otherwise boring and plain outfit. Especially if you’re wearing a lot of basic shirts, adding a belt to the outfit can make it stand out more! They also don’t take up much room; therefore, having one or two can make a big difference in your fashion!

Throw in Stylish Eyewear

Adding sunglasses or regular glasses can be a simple way to add a dose of fashion into your outfit. They are easy to pack and carry around. Bring some clear frames or your favorite pair of Raybans! If you don’t wear prescription glasses, you could even purchase some decorative ones!

Bring a Unique Hat  

Although hats take up slightly more room, bringing one can spice up your clothing!  Match it with any outfit and you’ll be sure to make an impression. Take one with you and you won’t regret it!

If you keep these tips in mind while packing, you’ll be both a fashionista and manage not to break your suitcase! Packing doesn’t have to be difficult, just keep these ideas in mind and you can still look your best while abroad!


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