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Guide to Having a Girls’ Night In

One of the most valuable parts of your time in college are the bonds you form with people that will last a lifetime, despite any distance that may come between you and your new found friends post graduation. With busy schedules and the desire to let loose when the weekend finally hits, every once in awhile it’s important to devote a night towards quality time with the girls that mean the most to you. Here are a few ideas for things to do the next time the boys are banned from the evening festivities.

1. Become a wine connoisseur

What I mean by “wine connoisseur” is buy every type of $3 bottle of fermented grape juice from Trader Joes and sip on it while using fancy words and pretending to be in the south of France. Add some cheese and crackers and catch up on each other’s lives

2. Have a Spa Night

Buy some facemasks, or better yet make your own with what you already have in your kitchen. Play some relaxing spa music in the background and set out some fruits and veggies so you’re even treating your insides to healthy snacks. Have friends bring their collection of nail polish so you can switch it up from your go to color. Pamper your outside with the people that make you feel good on the inside and you’ll be feeling better than ever. 

3. Creat a Paint Bar

Transform your living room into a paint studio for a night. Good music, good wine, good company, it won’t even matter how un-artistic you are.  Your finished product will be a meaningful piece that will remind you of how the girl friends you love make you feel. 

4. Host a Trivia Night

Who doesn’t love trivia? Divide into teams with one person in charge of compiling and asking the trivia questions. Order some pizza and find out who will be worthy of being dubbed trivia queen. 

5. Have a Slumber Party

Remember the excitement about sleepovers when we were younger? Bring it back to the old fashioned ritual complete with pillows, boy talk, and lots of junk food. Have a dance party and gawk at a cheesy romcom. Never again will you be living in such close proximity to your closest friends (unless your adult lives take you to the same city and you decide to be roommates), so treasure it while you can!


Alana is a junior studying Psychology at Boston University. While a born and bred New Englander hopelessly in love with the city of Boston, she derives much enjoyment out of planning trips to faraway places. She enjoys meeting new people, stealing Crossfit workouts off of 'box' websites, practicing yoga, and watching Grey's Anatomy. Her life-long goals include advocating for women's empowerment and promoting overall well-being.
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