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A Guide to Declutter Your Life For the New Semester

The start of spring semester is the perfect time to set new goals, get organized, and try out different experiences. In order to make the most of the next few months at school, it’s important to do away with any unnecessary clutter and negative vibes that can make it difficult to focus. So clear your space and your mind and get started on the path to success!

Step 1:  Keep Looking Forward

After returning from break, many college students, especially freshmen, may find themselves feeling regret about certain parts of their first semester. Maybe your GPA wasn’t as high as you wanted, or you wish you got to know more people, or you were to shy to try out for that cool club you were interested in. In order to start off this second semester right it’s important not to dwell on any of these things. Instead, think of this time like a clean slate and keep working towards your goals without beating yourself up over what you can’t change. Focus on the future and on all the opportunities you’ll have to do better and try something new.

Step 2:  Clear Out Old Clothes and Makeup

Instead of waiting until March to start your spring-cleaning, why not take part in semester cleaning instead? Getting rid of all the unnecessary junk taking up space in your dorm room will not only make you feel accomplished, but it will also save you tons of time when looking for the stuff that you actually need. One of the best places to start the process is by going through and sorting your old clothes and makeup.

I’m super guilty of keeping drawers full of makeup products way past their expiration dates despite hardly ever using them. That’s why when I got back from break I finally dug through my collection and finally tossed anything that I didn’t like, couldn’t remember last wearing, or that didn’t appear to be in good condition. This simple process has already made my mornings so much easier because I no longer have to dig under a thousand old lip-glosses to find the one I actually want.

These same steps can also be used when clearing out your closet. Follow the old standby rules of getting rid of anything stained, ripped, ill fitting, and anything you haven’t worn in a year. If you don’t want to throw out any items that are still nice, try donating them to a thrift shop like Goodwill or even swap certain pieces with friends.      

Step 3: Do Some Digital Downsizing

Clearing out all the unnecessary things stored on your phone and computer is just as rewarding as getting rid of physical items. Take some time to go through and delete all the pointless emails that are just taking up space, delete any old apps you only ever used for about an hour in high school, and get rid of any old contacts who you won’t ever interact with again. Also, make your laptop run faster and smoother by clearing out any downloads, programs or files that may be hidden on your hard drive. By only keeping the essentials you’ll find that it’s so much simpler to get your tasks completed.

Step 4: Begin One Good New Habit

Rather than setting a goal like “give up junk food” or “stop procrastinating assignments ”, make a proactive commitment to do something good for yourself. Personally, I find it much easier to stick to a positive commitment because I then feel like I’m exploring something new rather than punishing myself. So instead try to tell yourself that you will “start hitting the gym 3 times a week” or “go to auditions for that fun acapella group”. By telling yourself you can do it, you are already well on your way to achieving your goals! 

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