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A Guide To Big/Little Week, As Told By A Big

If you’re in a sorority at Boston University, you know what time it is. It’s Big/Little week. The crème de la crème of sorority life. It’s the big time (no pun intended). If you’re like me you want to spoil your little with as much love, presents, food, and crafts as you possibly can. Big/Little week is a chance to become a mentor to a younger sister, but it’s also a chance to show this Little nugget that you can spoil them rotten.

If you want the best tips on being a Big, there are a few rules you have to follow:

1. Start early. Never ever in the history of time has anyone ever crafted 11 canvases and 6 picture frames in a week so you need to start early. Have crafting weekends during the summer and spend your spring or fall semester before you get a Little having crafting nights with your sisters. Before you know it, you’ll have so many canvases, she won’t even be able to put them all up. Starting early also means you can take your time and make sure that you’re doing crazy crafts, not just simple one-color painted letters.

2. Use your family for crafting and gear. Your family is your resource for Big/Little week. Reach to that Gbig or GGbig and beg them to pass on the old Bid day shirts. Since they’re graduating soon, they’ll probably be more than happy to pass down their old gear to see their GGlittle looking cute! Also use them to craft. You have an army here of excellent crafters and they’ll be glad to help. Bribe them with takeout and movies and they’ll make sure your Little is spoiled. 

3. Share crafting supplies with your sisters. Crafting supplies are expensive and even though you think you’re saving money by painting that canvas, paints, brushes, and canvases might add up.  Split the cost with a couple of sisters and things won’t add up as much. Plus, do you really need the entire bottle of glitter to yourself? (Not judging)

4. Go to a party store. They will have everything you could possibly ever need. You might not be able to fill the room with shirts and crafts, but a blow-up animal or a bag of balloons will make it feel like every inch of the room is filled. Use large poster board and streamers to make the walls feel colorful and crazy and grab those tiny bags of confetti to pour all over this Little’s desk and bed.

5. Throw her off. If you’re like most of us, your Little and you had an instant connection, so you have to throw her off somehow. Have people message her from her Little facebook account while you’re with her. Tell her that everything got messed up and somehow you didn’t get her. Take her out to lunch and have your Big decorate her room while you’re with her. Anything to make that reveal all the more special and exciting.

6. Use food to make it look like the space is more filled. Right after valentine’s day or Easter hit up your local CVS. Buy large bags of candy and pour them out everywhere. It will be another fun treat for her and it looks like there’s a lot more on the bed.

I'm a Film and Television major in the college of Communications with a minor in Women's Studies at Boston University. I'm from Louisville, Kentucky. Find me on Instagram: @taylormedford_19
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