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Grace’s Playlist for When You Are Feeling: Underrated Taylor Swift

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

I am a giant Taylor Swift fan! So, in honor of Red (Taylor’s Version)’s release this week, I created a playlist of my favorite underrated Taylor Swift songs that deserve some more attention. Keep reading to hopefully find your new favorite Swift songs in honor of Red (Taylor’s Version)!

“right where you left me” by taylor swift

I am starting off this playlist with one of my favorite Taylor songs of all time and, in my opinion, one of her best songs lyrically. This heartbreaking track is a bonus song on her album evermore and details the experience of not being able to get over someone. Her bonus tracks do not always get the love they deserve, and this song is one of those underrated tracks that deserves more love.

Taylor Swift folklore
“the lakes” by taylor swift

Similarly, this track is another bonus track that is too often neglected. This song details Taylor’s desire to live a life outside of the spotlight. It is a heartbreaking yet sweet song, and the bridge makes me tear up almost every time I listen to it.

“mad woman” by taylor swift

This song is another underrated track off Taylor’s album folklore. In this song, Swift sings about sexist language and comments she has received, as well as discusses the controversy over the selling of her masters. I haven’t heard many people talk about this song since the original buzz of folklore died down, but I think it is one of her most incredible songs lyrically.

“afterglow” by taylor swift

For the best underrated track off Lover, I chose “Afterglow,” which discusses the experience of fighting with someone you are in love with and the guilt that comes with that. I also rarely hear people talk about this track, but I think it contains some of the best lyrics on Lover.

“call it what you want” by taylor swift

This track is my all-time favorite Taylor Swift song. I think it perfectly depicts the feeling of falling and being in love. Since it came out, I have always thought that it is not as respected as it should be. Therefore, I had to add it to this playlist of underrated songs.

“So it goes…” by taylor swift

Reputation is tied with 1989 for my favorite album, so I had to include a second underrated song from it. “So It Goes…” is truly the most underrated song off this album and just is not talked about enough. The instrumental creates an almost eerie, mysterious feel which makes this song a perfect fit to the album aesthetic, in addition to being able to hold its own.

“this love” by taylor swift

1989 has been one of my favorite albums of all time since it came out in 2014. This track is one of her most underrated songs and bridges. It is about someone coming back into your life and the intense emotions that encapsulate that experience.

“i know places” by taylor swift

I had to include a second underrated song from 1989 just because I love this album so much. “I Know Places” is essentially about wanting to keep your relationship private because people are going to criticize it. Throughout the track, Swift uses a hunting metaphor to point to the ways in which this relationship was scrutinized by the public and media.

“come back…be here” by taylor swift

This is a track that I am so excited to hear on Red (Taylor’s Version). It is another bonus track that just does not get the recognition it deserves. It is about a relationship that has to go long-distance during the beginning stages and the longing that comes along with that.

“the lucky one” by taylor swift

This track is another grossly underrated song from Red. It is debated who in particular this song is about, but Swift sings about a fellow singer who left the spotlight. This track also highlights the mental and emotional toll celebrity and mass media attention can take on a person.

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Taylor Swift via TikTok
“haunted” by taylor swift

Not only do I think that this song is an underrated song off Speak Now, but I think it is one of her most underrated songs across her entire discography. The instrumental coupled with the intensely emotional lyrics make this one of her most gut-wrenching and perfect breakup songs.

“tell me why (Taylor’s version)” by taylor swift

I never hear anyone talk about this track, but I have loved it since it came out. It is about being mistreated by someone and finally putting your foot down. In the song, Swift is asking the person who wronged her why they treated her so poorly.

Music Video Screenshot: Taylor Swift giving her male counterpart advice
“cold as you” by taylor swift

This is one of my favorites off her debut album and one of my favorite breakup songs. As the title suggests, it is about someone who is cold and has seemingly no remorse about how they acted and how the relationship ended.

I hope you enjoyed this list of my 13 favorite underrated Taylor Swift songs and add these tracks to your own playlists!

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.