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I am back again with another edition of my Grace’s Playlists for When You Are Feeling series. Today, I am sharing a playlist of 10 songs that would be perfect additions to any sad playlist. Keep reading for my sad song playlist suggestions!

“I miss you, im sorry”: Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams is one of my favorite artists to listen to when I am feeling down or sad. Her entire discography is full of songs about breakups and heartbreak. However, this particular track reminisces on a past relationship and is my favorite of her heartbreak songs.

“favorite crime”: olivia rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album Sour is full of the most heart-wrenching songs I have heard in a long time. For me, this song is the most heartbreaking of them all. This track is also a reflection of a past relationship in which she was not treated well and did everything she could to be with him.

“Runaway”: kanye west

This next pick is incredibly special to me as it is my favorite song of all time. Not only are the instrumentals incredible, but the deep lyrics create an emotional listening experience. “Runaway” showcases West’s pessimistic viewpoints on life and love.

“i could use a love song”: maren morris

This is the only country song on the list; however, this track happens to be my second favorite song of all time. This song is all about feeling hopeless when it comes to love and being on the verge of giving up on the possibility of finding someone.

“liability”: lorde

I could not make a list of the best sad songs without adding a song from Lorde’s Melodrama album. This track is about feeling like you are a liability to everyone in your life and that you are just better off being alone.

“last kiss”: taylor swift

I also had to include a Taylor song on this playlist. This song is one of her most heartbreaking, as it is written about a relationship that she never thought would end and that left her completely devastated when it did.

“social stamina”: rosie

This is a sad song that is not just about a breakup or heartbreak, but rather about feeling sad because you have lost yourself. This track is a perfect sad song for if you are not feeling like yourself. ROSIE beautifully refers to issues of social anxiety and vulnerability.

“ghostin”: ariana grande

I love Ariana’s music, but she is not usually my go-to for sad songs. With that being said, this track is by far her most gut-wrenching. While the lyrics are quite specific to her own situation, this song can be listened to if you still have feelings for someone or feel as though you are bringing in baggage to a relationship. 

“i love you”: billie eilish

Billie has released her fair share of sad songs that would be perfect for any sad playlist. However, this particular song definitely makes me the most emotional. The slow instrumental and heartbreaking lyrics make this song a must for any sad playlist.

“house with no mirrors”: sasha sloan

I thought I would wrap up this melancholy playlist with another sad song that has nothing to do with a breakup. Sasha Sloan is another great artist if you are looking for songs that will instantly get you in your feels. This track is all about feeling insecure in your body and wondering what it would be like to not care what you look like.

I hope you enjoyed these sad song playlist suggestions and are inspired to add these tracks to your own playlists!

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.
Ava is a pre-law senior at Boston University studying English with a minor in history. She loves traveling, drinking excessive amounts of hot chocolate, creative writing, and skydiving. You can find her on instagram @avazing !
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