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Grace’s Playlist for When You Are Feeling: In the Holiday Spirit

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For my last playlist creation this semester, I wanted to end with one of my favorite genres of music: Christmas/holiday music. I have compiled a list of more modern, recent songs that are not just the classics we have always listened to and loved. Keep reading to possibly find your new favorite Christmas or holiday song and get inspiration for your own Christmas or holiday playlists.

“Last Christmas” by Taylor swift

The Wham! version of “Last Christmas” will always be the best version in my opinion. However, my second favorite version is definitely this version by Taylor Swift. Her cover is more of a country take on this iconic Christmas song.

“presents” by Bryson tiller ft. Kiana ledé

Bryson Tiller, one of my favorite artists, just released a Christmas album, and it has become my new obsession. This is one of my top two favorite tracks off the album. The whole album has the classic Tiller sound but with the perfect lyrics to get in the holiday spirit.

“lonely Christmas” by Bryson Tiller, Justin Bieber, and Benny Blanco

This is another one of my favorites off Tiller’s new Christmas album. Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco are featured on the track. I am obsessed with any Christmas song that Justin has sung, and this song is now on the list of my favorite Justin Bieber Christmas songs.

“fa la la” by Justin Bieber & Boyz II men

Speaking of Justin Bieber Christmas songs… this track is not talked about enough when Bieber Christmas music is discussed. I love Boyz II Men, and they really step this song up to the next level. The acapella version of this song is also great and highlights their harmonies more.

“Christmas Eve” by Justin Bieber

I also rarely hear this song being talked about when talking about more modern Christmas songs. It is still up for debate, but I think this is my all-time favorite Justin Bieber Christmas song. It is a sweet, slower Christmas love song that always puts me in the holiday mood.

“glittery” by Kacey Musgraves

I am a big Kacey Musgraves fan, and I loved her Christmas special when it came out. This song is an original song that she wrote as part of that Christmas special. It is another classic, beautiful Christmas love song.

“hoping for snow” by the vamps

I am not really a fan of The Vamps; however, I discovered this great track a few years ago. It sounds like and has lyrics very similar to “Last Christmas.” Therefore, because of my love of “Last Christmas,” this track has quickly become one that I have on heavy rotation when listening to Christmas or holiday music.

“one I’ve been missing” by little mix

This Christmas track has the classic Little Mix pop-music feel, but with lyrics that are guaranteed to get you into the Christmas or holiday spirit. Their vocal talents are also showcased in this particular track.

“true love” by Ariana grande

I had to include two tracks off Ariana’s Christmas EP Christmas & Chill. This EP is always one of my go-to’s during the holiday season. This particular track is one of my favorites off of the EP, and it is one of the more upbeat songs.

“Winter things” by Ariana grande

This track, also off of Christmas & Chill, is one of the cutest love songs from the EP. In this track, Grande explains how, despite it not being cold in LA, she wishes she would do “winter things” with her significant other.

I hope you enjoyed this playlist full of more modern songs that will definitely get you in the holiday spirit!

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.