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Grace’s Playlist for When You Are Feeling: Confident

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

I am back this week with a very special playlist feeling: confidence. I wanted to craft a playlist of ten tracks that always help me feel more confident whether I already am feeling confident or am feeling down about myself and want a quick mood and confidence boost. Keep reading to see what songs make me feel the most confident.

“I did something bad” by taylor swift

The entire reputation album makes me feel extremely confident; however, this song in particular is a serious confidence booster. The intense instrumental mixed with Taylor’s lyricism gift makes this a perfect song for when you are already or trying to feel more confident.

“Grow a pear” by kesha

Kesha is an artist that always seems to boost my mood and confidence. This song in particular has always been one of my favorites to play when I want to feel more confident.

“plastic hearts” by miley cyrus

I was obsessed with this album when it first came out, and I think that this style of music really suits Miley. This song is great to scream and instantly boost your confidence and feel more sure of yourself.

“break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” by ariana grande

Ariana’s past two albums are full of some of my all-time favorite mood- and confidence-boosting songs. This song specifically is one of her best songs for if you want to feel powerful and sure of yourself.

“confident” by justin bieber & chance the rapper

Even just for the title, I had to include this iconic Justin Bieber song off my favorite album of his, Journals. While I find that the songs that make me feel the most confident are written and sung by women, this track does always help boost my confidence and mood.

“ridin’ solo” by jason derulo

I’m throwing it back a little bit with this one. I was oddly a huge Jason Derulo stan when I was little, and I would blast this song on repeat all the time. It remains one of my favorite mood-boosting songs, and I always feel more confident about myself after I am done listening to it.

“god is a woman” by ariana grande

I had to include another Ariana Grande song because this track is just a quintessential confidence booster. The music video for this track is also a great way to boost your confidence if you are ever feeling down about yourself. This track and music video always leave me feeling better about myself.

“womanizer” by britney spears

I also had to include a Britney track on this list as she is one of the ultimate mood- and confidence-boosting artists. This track in particular is a great option if you want to feel more confident about yourself.

“did it on ’em” by nicki minaj

Nicki is one of my favorite artists, and this is one of my all-time favorite tracks of hers. Nicki is so sure of herself and confident in all of her songs, which is contagious and always leaves me feeling more sure of myself.

“get into it (yuh)” by doja cat

Doja is another perfect artist to listen to if you are feeling down about yourself and want to boost your mood and confidence. This track is one of my personal favorites of hers if I just want a quick mood and confidence boost.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s playlist and listen to some of these tracks whenever you want to feel more confident.

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.