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Grace’s Playlist for: New Releases Other Than Taylor Swift

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I for one have almost been exclusively listening to Red (Taylor’s Version) since it was released this past weekend. However, I do understand that not everyone is a hardcore fan like me and might be interested in listening to other newly released music. So, for this week’s playlist, I have compiled a list of newly released tracks that are not Taylor-related.

“feels like s***” by tate mcrae

I have loved Tate’s music since “you broke me first” came out. She first teased this track on TikTok, and fans begged her to release it. It was just officially released on November 11 and has quickly become one of my favorite new releases other than Red (Taylor’s Version). This track details the emotional turmoil of trying to get over someone.

“rockland” by gracie abrams

This track was released a few weeks ago and is off Abrams’s new EP titled This Is What It Feels Like. Since this track was released, I have been playing it on repeat. It is about still having feelings for someone you hurt and wanting to give a relationship with them another chance.

“the bottom” by gracie abrams

This track is also from Gracie Abrams’s new EP, which was released on November 11. Abrams is more known for her slow, emotional ballads; however, this song is one of the more upbeat songs off the EP. This song is about warning someone that you are not good enough for them and might hurt them due to your own issues and insecurities.

“better” by gracie abrams

I had to include another track from her new album. This track is another of my favorites from the album and is about the love interest in the song giving up on their relationship and her wanting to rekindle their relationship.

“The only heartbreaker” by mitski

I love Mitski’s music and was very excited to hear that she is coming out with new material. The instrumental of this track is very 80s-inspired which makes it sound very different from the other tracks on this list.

“bubble” by lennon stella

I absolutely love Lennon Stella’s music. In fact, her album Three. Two. One. was one of my most-listened-to albums in 2020, so I was excited to hear that she was coming out with new music. This track has a very experimental vibe and sound compared to her previous work, so I am curious about what the rest of her new music will sound like.

“hold no grudge” by lorde

This is a newly released bonus track off her most recent album titled Solar Power. I was not the biggest fan of Solar Power, especially compared to her previous albums. However, if you like the sound of Solar Power, you might enjoy the soothing, chill vibes of this new track.

“friendly fire” by holly humberstone

My friend just recently introduced me to Humberstone’s music, and I have quickly become a big fan of her work and her vocal talents. Like Abrams and Stella, Humberstone is another sad girl artist who makes incredibly relatable music, especially for young women.

“moth to a flame” by swedish house mafia & the weeknd

This track was released in late October, making it a semi-new release. I have become obsessed with this song and play it on repeat all the time. It has quickly become one of my favorite songs by The Weeknd. He sings about a former love interest who has moved on to a new relationship but who still has feelings for him.

“fallen star” by the neighborhood

While this track is also not a new release, it is a relatively recent release that came out in early October. Since this track came out, it has become one of my favorite songs that The Neighborhood has released in the past couple of years. It has their classic mysterious, eerie feel and intense lyrics.

I hope you enjoyed this playlist of non-Taylor songs and listen to some of these newly released tracks.

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.