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Grace’s New Music Roundup VII

Welcome back to another Grace’s New Music Roundup! I had the same issue this week as I did last week, where I was not very impressed with the new releases. However, I am very excited about the few songs that I did love. This list has more sad, nostalgic songs, so if you want a good cry these are great songs to add to your playlists. As always, these songs (as well as songs from previous New Music Roundups) are on my “New Music Friday” playlist on my Spotify “glechy.” Check it out!

“Lonely” by Justin Bieber and benny blanc

Admittedly, I have been a Justin Bieber fan for years. However, I was very disappointed by his last album Changes. It was not anywhere near the quality of his older albums. With that being said, I have had this song on repeat since it came out on Friday. This track is about Justin’s struggles with achieving fame at such a young age. This song was written by Justin Bieber, benny blanco, and FINNEAS.

“lie to me” by Tate McRae and Ali Gatie

I am obsessed with Tate McRae, so I was incredibly excited for this release. Tate and Ali’s voices mesh perfectly together. This track is one of my favorites on this week’s list. It was written by Tate McRae, Ali Gatie, Victor Karlsen, Nicolai Øverland, Marthe E. Strand, Manon van Dijk, Lise Reppe, Emily-Madelen Aarsheim Harbakk, and Eirik Gjendemsjø.

“Fake” by Lauv and Conan Gray

This track sounds exactly like you would imagine a Lauv and Conan Gray collab would sound. As you might imagine, it is a song about people being fake. If you are familiar with Lauv’s and Conan Gray’s normal sound, this song is very similar to their usual vibe. This track was written by Conan Gray, Lauv, Johnny Simpson, and Jacob Kasher.

“I’m Okay Though” by Sara Kays

This is an artist that I had never heard of, but I am now obsessed with this song. Her voice is so beautiful, and it fits this slower style of music perfectly. This track is one of the sadder songs on this list. So, if you need a good sad song to add to your playlists, this is the perfect track for you. This song was written by Sara Kays. 

“Matter To You” by Sasha Sloan

Sasha Sloan is keeping us fed with all of this new music! I literally love every song she comes out with, and this track is no different. I already know that this track will be on repeat all week. It is another cute, slow song that has an almost nostalgic feel. This track was written by Sasha Sloan and Daniel Silberstein. 

“I Don’t Mind” by Sturgill Simpson

I have not featured a country song in a bit, because I have not been impressed with the recent releases. This song reminds me of older country, and it has a very nostalgic feel. I feel like people who do not like country music could still like this song. This is also an artist that I was not familiar with, but I have been playing this song on repeat since it came out. This track was written by Sturgill Simpson.

“Swing” by CXLOE

This is another artist that I am not very familiar with, but I really like the intense yet slow feeling of this track. I found that it is one of the most unique songs on this week’s “New Music Friday.” I now want to listen to more of her music! This track was written by CXLOE, Louis Schoorl, Kito, and Tia Scola.

I hope you enjoyed this week of Grace’s New Music Roundup. Check out these songs and more on the “New Music Friday” playlist on my Spotify “glechy.”

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.
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