Grace’s New Music Roundup VI

I am back with another New Music Roundup. However, this week’s a bit different. I was not a huge fan of the songs on this week’s New Music Friday. This week was clearly not a big week for music releases, so I decided to make this list my top seven tracks, rather than my top 10. As always, if you like the songs, check out my “New Music Friday” playlist on my Spotify. My Spotify username is “glechy.”

  1. 1. “Franchise” by Travis Scott, Future, Young Thug, and M.I.A.

    This track has a very different feel to the others on this week’s list. However, this song has definitely grown on me since it came out on Friday. It is a very upbeat track, and Travis’s verse is by far my favorite. This song was written by Travis Scott, M.I.A., Parlae (Dem Franchize Boyz), Jizzal Man, Pimpin, Buddie, Teddy Walton, CHASE B, and Young Thug.

  2. 2. “Going Out” by ROLE MODEL

    In all honesty, I had never heard of ROLE MODEL before he started dating Emma Chamberlain. I have been obsessed with his song “Blind” ever since I heard it on TikTok, and I listened to some of his previous records, because I loved the song so much. I was so excited to hear that he was releasing new music. This song is quite upbeat. It was written by ROLE MODEL.

  3. 3. “No Ordinary” by Labrinth

    It is just a fact that Labrinth never disappoints. I love the chill vibe of this track. It is definitely one of my favorites on this week’s list. This track was written by Labrinth. 

  4. 4. “Hypochondriac” by Sasha Sloan

    I love every song Sasha Sloan comes out with. I have been listening to this song on repeat since it was released on Friday. It reminds me of Lennon Stella’s song “Golf on TV.” It is a very slow and chill love song. This song is just a super wholesome record. It was written by Sasha Sloan and King Henry.

  5. 5. “Apricots” by MAY-A

    This track gives me autumn vibes in the sense that it is quite chill and nostalgic. This track starts quite slowly, but picks up speed in the chorus. This is an artist that I had never heard of, but am now more curious about. This song was written by Robby DeSa and MAY-A. 

  6. 6. “Not a Pop Song” by Little Mix

    I have never understood why Little Mix has not blown up in the U.S. I have been a fan of theirs for years, and am hoping that this song will get the respect it deserves. Many people have been using this song for TikToks, so it could become more popular because of that. Regardless, I really love this track. It is a very empowering, girl-boss song. This track was written by Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Lara Maria Andersson, Robin Oliver Frid, and Tayla Parx.

  7. 7. “Strangers” by Mallory Merk

    This is another artist that I had never heard of, but am now more interested in the rest of her music. This track is much sadder than the others on this week’s list. It has a very slow, chill vibe. This record was written by Mallory Merk. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of my new favorite songs. If you are interested in more new music and the music on this list, check out my “New Music Friday” playlist on my Spotify “glechy.”

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