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Is “Gossip Girl” Worth Your Time?

Were you one of the massive Gossip Girl fans that immediately watched all of the episodes when it originally came out? Or, are you like me and have never seen an episode until 2019? If you’re like me, let’s talk. I’m from Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and once in college one of my friends was shocked when she realized I hadn’t seen Gossip Girl considering where I lived. I shrugged, saying that I don’t see what the big deal is with these shows but in reality, I didn’t have Netflix.

The reason why I didn’t watch Gossip Girl earlier like many kids, is that I was very busy transferring colleges and getting the grades I liked, so much so that I almost had no social life. Having transferred to BU, I got a Netflix account and oh my, let me tell you, it’s better if you don’t have Netflix.

I started Gossip Girl. To be completely honest, I recommend watching this show during the summer when you have a bit more free time and less serious obligations. The show is addicting, and your grades or your time won’t thank you.

Figuring out who you like more, Blair Waldorf or Serena van der Woodsen, or which one of the guys is cuter – all that is fun, but confusing, and a little bit soapy. Of course, this show has many inspiring elements to it. After watching Blair and Chuck, you understand that sometimes being mean in this world is necessary and to never judge a person on their apparent behavior.

Xoxo, good luck during your finals; summer break is almost here!


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