Going Out as an Upperclassman

Okay, you’ve been working hard...

...really hard.


And you’re been waiting patiently for a weekend where you’re not at your job, or looking for internships for the summer.


Maybe it’s not the perfect night, but you’ll make it work.


You’ve made the decision.


You’re really gonna do this.


You justify to yourself how much you deserve this, yet you still have moments of panic while thinking about everything you have to do this weekend.


Eh, you’ll just do it tomorrow.


You start to get excited about this, okay maybe this is going to be as fun as it used to be.


You find out about some plans, they always sound so fun.


You text your friends to come out with you.


Now, time to get ready.


You get lazy halfway through and end up not really caring what you look like.


Okay, it’s time to get amped up. You’re really doing this.


This is a lot harder than you thought.


Maybe you should just go to sleep.


No you’re doing this.


You leave the comfort of your home, immediately questioning your decision.


You make it to a party and immediately realize everyone here is younger than you.


You try to make conversation with someone, but you really just want someone to turn the music down.


You decide you’ll get a drink.


“All we have is Natty Ice, but it’s kind of warm.”


Everyone’s hooking up around you, while you just think about the fact that you have work tomorrow.


You’re just so sleepy from the week.


You make the executive decision to slip out though the back.


You order pick up from T. Anthony’s on the way home.


Finally, you make promises to your bed to never leave it again.