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Is Going Home for Summer a Bad Idea?


I don’t want to go home.

It’s halfway through April, and not only am I stressing out about finals, I’m also even less excited for what’s going to happen after them- going home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready for summer, but a summer at home is not exactly something I’m looking forward to. After living in Boston for most of this year, having to return to a small town in Montana may be worse than 4 finals.

I’m so excited to see my family, but having only kept in touch with a couple of friends from home, one of which will not be there this summer, it’s looking like I will be spending a lot of nights on the couch with my pets. Womp Bomp. It’s difficult returning home, especially if most of the people you used to hangout with stayed. The reality is, you haven’t been there for a year, they are different people, and you’ve done some changing too. Unlike winter break, summer is almost four months long, and for me, they are going to be some of the longest months of my life.

The kinda upsetting thing is right now I’m a 10 minute walk away from everything I need and all of my friends, when I go home I’m at least a 30 minute drive. As if teaching myself to drive again wasn’t enough, readjusting to having to plan your entire day from when you drive into ‘town’ is going to be a bummer. No more naps between activities or forgetting my laptop charger, or Ben and Jerry’s runs to city co/ 7-11. It’s time to plan.

Lastly, I feel like I have changed a huge amount since high school, good or bad, it’s happened. When I went home over winter break this was my biggest problem. Everyone knows me as the Allie who left for Boston a year a go, not the Allie coming back from Boston. It’s my fault for not staying in touch, but the reality is things will be different, and sometimes that’s scarier than having to memorize terms for my IR class.

Being someone that loves living in the city, going home will be extremely tough. If any of you are in a similar position, my advice is to get a job that you enjoy, find something/ someone that makes you go out and have fun, but most importantly, have an open mind. Boston may be better than small town Montana in my eyes, but for a ton of people it’s not, and I have to remember that. Make the best of the situation, at least the weather should be nice wherever you go, and good luck! 


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