Go Get 'Em, Girl – My Thank You Letter to Christina Tosi

I feel like almost every girl goes through a baking phase. We become so obsessed with making funfetti cupcakes, showing off our icing skills to our friends, and basking in the satisfaction of accomplishing something. I personally like to think my baking phase — at its peak between the ages of 10 to 13 — was the most creative period of time in my life so far. Even though I write and journal and take advantage of the sticker option in my Instagram stories, nothing made me feel freer to fail or happier to succeed than baking.

This is why I think women like you, Christina Tosi, are so important. In a world where we are constantly chased by the concept that you’re either the best at what you do or you don’t do it at all, it’s hard to embrace the level of creativity that’s risky and dangerous. It feels unnatural to go against the grain or step out of the boundaries because of a fear that we will disappoint or not live up to expectations.

Since you first became a part of the Momofuku family, you’ve been not only exceeding but completely disregarding the expectations set before you. I mean, how can we forget the iconic story of how you created crack pie? Or the multiple times you’ve recreated soft serve? Or when you invented cereal milk? And the birthday cake truffles? To sweet treat nerds across the globe, these are now household names. But your sprinkle-covered dreams paved the way for this new wave of cute and quirky desserts with insanely delicious flavors.

If it wasn’t for the risks you took, we would still be in a world that elevates those with years upon years of classical training who have never added caramel popcorn to layered cakes. A boring, basic world. But from your two cookbooks and endless encouragement on social media, you make people believe that their talents don’t just have to be tied to careers, but can be passions and hobbies. You make me and plenty of others want to relive our baking phase and ride the rush of joy that it gave us.

You’ve taught me and other young creatives that perfection is no longer a valid standard to chase. The child-like wonder that you used to pursue your passion allowed you to see a world of possibilities no other creative in your field had ever fathomed.


Thanks to you, I know that as long as I stay true to my own sprinkle-covered dreams, I will be happy with what I do and how I impact the world. Who knows, maybe I’ll re-enter my baker girl phase.


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