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Glossier Boy Brow: Is it Worth It?

I’d seen Boy Brow all over the Internet. Glossier’s ads dotted my Instagram feed and were the topic of discussion in dozens of Facebook articles. But is it worth it? Is the hype real? Is it just another gimmick?

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I like my eyebrows to start. They’re dark, pretty full, and decently shaped. So, for years I did nothing to them. Sometimes I would try using a pencil to fill them in, but I always found that the color never matched my real eyebrow color, leaving a noticeable light brown hue wherever I had penciled in. The color matching was such an issue that I eventually just gave up, convinced that this was a sign that I should just leave my brows alone.

However, after gushing over a friend’s brows for weeks, I finally asked her what her secret was and lo and behold it was the cult-favorite: Glossier Boy Brow. That day I went online and purchased the brow product and hoped for the best.

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I had a tough time deciding between their “Brown” shade or their “Clear” one. I expected the brown to leave the same mahogany stain that other brow products do and thus considered getting the clear one to avoid the problem altogether. But, taking a chance, I got it in brown.

The product came quickly, as I’m pretty sure it’s shipped from New York, and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Photo Credit: Gabriella Messina

First Impression:

The product is a lot smaller than I expected. The tube is pretty narrow and doesn’t hold that much brow pomade in it. This was disappointing, especially because Boy Brow isn’t too cheap. The brow makeup costs $16.00.

Size aside, when I tried it out, I was hooked. The color is UNDETECTABLE. There is no mismatched brown color left behind on my skin. Instead, they look thicker but still naturally so. Because the product is brushed on the hair and not around the skin, there are no obvious outlines of the eyebrow shape, it’s just your eyebrows.

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Sometimes I do find that I put a little too much on but the problem is easily remedied by brushing through the brow a couple times with a clean spoolie.

Overall, I love this product. Suddenly it’s clear why so many celebrities and beauty bloggers swear by Boy Brow. It adds just the right amount of color and shape to make your brows stand-out, but not look like they’re drawn on. I will definitely be repurchasing Boy Brow and consider it a staple in my everyday makeup routine. It also has resulted in my new obsession with Glossier and their other beauty items! 10/10 would recommend!

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