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Give Disposable Cameras a Shot – Here’s Why You Should Jump on this Trend

Yes. I am that girl. I do happen to pull out a Kodak disposable camera at nearly any moment I possibly can. I’m not ashamed of it, and I’ve gotten pretty used to the odd looks when they see a bright flash and then a young girl using a camera that isn’t an iPhone. Let me tell you, over the last year and half that I’ve been developing the photos, I’ve never been disappointed. 

I’m here to tell you that you should 1000% purchase a disposable camera. Before you dive head-first into the endeavor, I suggest a one-time Kodak or Fujifilm camera. Eventually (if you can afford to keep up with the habit), you’ll find a disposable camera you like that you can just refill the film on, which is cost effective AND better for the environment. 

Okay, assuming you stopped reading the article for a quick run to your local Target or CVS, let’s talk about why the purchase of your disposable camera is going to bring you months of happiness!

Originally, I (and everyone around me) was hesitant, and we laughed every time the camera came out. As some older folks put it: “why are you using what I had to use in the ‘90s when you have a phone with a better camera?” 

HOWEVER, after the first film was developed, suddenly people started to get it. 

My favorite errand to do now is go pick up my camera film, because (1) every pack is a surprise –– I never remember what photos I took (or when I took them) –– and (2) the instant feeling of nostalgia and serotonin photos can bring, even from just weeks prior, is crazy. 

I’ve been able to capture some moments that people forget happened and don’t remember until we look through the photos and go “OH remember that night?”! It’s a different “remember that night?” than going through a photo album on your phone. 



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It’s also a lot of fun to pull out the camera at the most random of moments, because there’s always a reaction to get on camera to such an “old” invention. I have a photo of my friends next to a chicken coop that we happened to stumble upon, a photo of my friend holding up a Dunkin coffee in a bathroom full of mirrors, and lots of photos of genuine smiles that you don’t get from an iPhone anymore. 

My mom used disposable cameras when I was growing up. I don’t remember her using them, but our whole house is full of countless photos from disposable cameras. Maybe it’s because of her influence and the new fad of bringing back the 2000s that I picked up the habit? 

David Dobrik also started using them a few years ago, and that definitely influenced the re-emergence of disposable cameras. Urban Outfitters now sells them with fun patterns on the camera. So the trend is back, and hopefully it’s here to stay! 

I won’t lie, it is a pretty expensive habit, with every camera costing $10 to $15, with development of them costing anywhere from $12 to $25. Buying a refillable camera is helpful, but finding a good source to develop the film can take some trial and error. 

To me, the memories I’ve captured on film and the fun of developing the photos to look back on is so worth it. Also, seeing strangers react when I’m using the camera is hysterical. It brings a smile to my face every time I pull the camera out, and every time I look back at the photos. 

To make the memories more accessible for family and friends to share, I created an Instagram account (modeled off of the one and only David Dobrick’s @davidsdisposable account) for the photos I took, and picking out which ones to share is always fun. The account (@delaniesdisposable) is a great outlet for me to share a laugh with the world. 

Every photo has a story behind it, and usually they’re pretty laughable stories. Of course, you can get the same effect from a phone camera or a professional camera, but there’s just something about using a disposable camera that makes it a bit more fun! 

So, I hope I’ve convinced you to give disposable cameras a shot! 3… 2… 1…say “CHEESE!”

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Delanie is a senior at Boston University who loves Pavement's iced tea and the Charles River. She has a passion for writing and is on an adventure to find the best coffee shop in Boston. 
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