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“Gilmore Girls” Is the Ultimate Fall Show

Dear Reader: I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. One of my friends always tells me that I remind her of Lorelai, which is arguably the best and most reassuring complement that I have ever received. I could watch and rewatch Gilmore Girls regardless of the time of the year, even though we all know that the best time to watch it is in the fall. 

As a new school year begins and fall is among us, I find it only fitting that I begin rewatching Gilmore Girls to welcome the new season with bliss, and I urge you to do the same. I crave the predictable comfort, charm, and security Stars Hollow, filled with autumnal nostalgia and coziness, brings. And, of course, with the recent return of the early 2000s style, I am reliant on Lorelai and Rory for fall fit-spiration. 

So, what else makes Gilmore Girls a fall show, besides the festive decor and autumnal aesthetic of Stars Hollow itself, you ask? 

The Plot

While only a little over half of the show’s episodes actually take place in the fall months of October and November, the true moments of plot occur when Rory starts school — Chilton first until season 3, then Yale through season 7— and school starting is always associated with the end of summer, aka the beginning of fall.

Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
Warner Bros. Television
The Wardrobe

As matriarch Emily Gilmore says in episode four of season five, “autumn is the time for slippers and wool!” Tank tops, flip flops, shorts and short sleeves are rare. Preppy blazers, pleated skirts, jeans, scarves, boots, fresh cut bangs, warm cups of coffee and prospective new boyfriends become staple accessories within the first few episodes of each season. 

It is a divulgation photo (Netflix and iMDB) of Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls
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All the fall foods

Even the girls’ eating habits — specifically, their excessive consumption of food, thanks to Sookie’s constant cooking and Luke’s coffee — signal it’s fall, or time for the harvest and “chipmunk behavior” of indulging and storing bounty to commence.

Reader, if you are in search of a seasonal binge, Gilmore Girls is the quintessential lighthearted drama for all the fall feels. The instant desire for warm mugs of coffee, pieces of pumpkin pie, and the perfect pea coat will kick in — even if you choose to press play in April.

No matter what time of the year it actually is, it always feels like fall in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

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Ariana is a sophomore studying Sociology with a minor in Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights at Boston University. She is from Chatham, New Jersey.
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