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The Gift of Giving

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

No, I have not regressed back to Christmas. I’m talking about giving away your clothes for the greater good. Yes, there were big blue bins in all the dorms before break, but amid exams, studying and saying goodbye to friends, did anyone really get a chance to sift through their stash? Ladies, I say the time is now. The estimated 20,000 children in Massachusetts who will experience housing crisis or homelessness are awaiting your contributions. If that isn’t motivation enough, here are some more things to think about.
1. A fresh beginning
You just got back to school and are remembering how small your dorm room actually is. You brought back too much from home and it doesn’t all fit in those itty bitty drawers. Don’t fret. It’s just time to lighten your load. At the beginning of the semester while you aren’t too too busy yet with classes and bogged down with homework, go through those dozens of t-shirts and tanks tops you never wear, give them one last hug good bye and send them on their way.

2. Help other’s in need, and your mojo!
Anyone else feel tinges of guilt when you walk past Melvin, the homeless man who lives on the steps in Kenmore? Every time I walk by I wish I had a warm coffee (word on the street is that he doesn’t like hot cocoa) to give him. Think of all the other people in the Boston area who are cold and wet all the time, especially with the weather we have been having. Donate and help them stay a little warmer this winter season. You will feel great knowing your clothing is going to a better cause.

3. Spring Cleaning
Start the semester out right. New classes, new notebooks, new pencils. Now, it’s time to get your room up to par. Give everything a once over and donate those books you don’t really care for, or the hole-y towels that do the job but are just taking up room in your closet. Donations don’t have to be restricted to clothing.

4. Closet Restoration!
That’s right ladies, the obvious reason you have all been waiting for. With less clothing in your drawers, closets and under the bed Tupperware, you will have more room to bring in new clothes. Take yourself out for your good deed, reward yourself with some retail therapy and see what uber cute spring clothes that are already being showcased though it isn’t even February yet. Don’t worry though, I’m sure that just means there are more killer winter sales. AND a Forever21 finally opened up on Newbury—can I get an amen?

5. A fresh, new alternative
ThredUp has started a new trend in many city areas including Boston: clothing swaps. The rules of the game you may ask? Bring a bag of clothes that no longer fit or you are looking to upgrade and swap them for someone else’s trade-outs. According to the Boston Globe, clothing swap junctions and private parties are becoming all the rage among city strangers and friends alike as a fun, frugal way to restore your wardrobe. And the best part, not only is clothing swapping frugal, but it is also the green alternative of recycling clothes instead of restocking your wardrobe with newly bought clothes. Clothing swaps also help those in need; all clothing left over after public clothing swaps are then donated to various local clothing drives, including the Salvation Army. See, even swapping can be fun.
Everyone remember that scene in the end of Clueless when Cher finally comes around, stops being such a drama queen and instead decides to do good? It is time for you to find your own internal inspiration and do the same. It doesn’t take much time or effort to make someone’s day a little warmer and smile a little brighter. So ladies it’s time to rummage through your wardrobe, make your final cuts and donate 

Allison Milam is a sophomore at Boston University double majoring in Communications/Advertising and Sociology. After living in sunny Sarasota, Florida for her first eighteen years, Allison shipped up to Boston for a new climate and a new start. She spends most her time working with the Community Service Center, writing for the Buzz Magazine at Boston University, and participating on BU's National Student Advertising Competition's team. She has a passion for cooking, eating, and talking about food, and hopes to attend culinary school after she graduates from BU. Allison spent the summer of 2010 as the resident food writer for SRQ Magazine back home in Sarasota, and continues to do freelance. Whenever she can squeeze it in, Allison loves watching Weeds and Mad Men. Her goal is to attend as many concerts and meet as many famous people as possible while living in Boston! Allison loves living the city lifestyle and hopes to one day write for Bon Appetit magazine or work for a cutting-edge advertising agency!