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French Speaking Cutie (Oo La La!) Brandon Epstein


So you’re walking down the street and you see someone clad head-to-toe in H&M attire. In the back of your mind, you probably remember seeing him working for the Community Service Center or Summer Orientation, but you’re not quite sure. It could have been walking through the lobby of StuVi 2, or previously serving as a Dean’s Host in the College of General Studies. Either way, you definitely recognize his face. If you were ever curious to get to know this dashing young man better (and how couldn’t you be? He’s the Captain of the Gymnastics team for Pete’s sake!), here’s all you need to know.

Brandon Epstein (CGS ’12, COM ’14), a twenty-year-old native of Stoneham, Massachusetts is a double major in Linguistics as well as French Language and Literature. When I asked him where he imagines himself in twenty years, he said, “I hope to be creating curricula guides for Secondary and/or University level French as a Foreign Language classrooms.” Though speech and grammar —especially in French – isn’t the typical passion of BU students, Brandon labels himself as a closeted nerd. He can even recite one of his favorite quotes, one from the French novel, Elegance of the Hedgehog, off the top of his head. After reciting it, he told me why it means so much to him. “It’s taught me to suck everything out of an experience because life would be too boring without growth, passion and laughter.”

Passion and laughter is something that Brandon has a lot of in his life, but he is bored of one thing: being single. Yes, ladies, he is very much on the hunt… and for “a special girl,” he says.

So what exactly is he looking for? “A nice, Jewish girl who is kind and warm… I would love a girl who is okay with raging and cuddling, but also is independent.” If he were to find this girl, I asked him what the ideal first date would be. After taking a moment to think about it, Brandon responded by saying it would include “[him] making dinner for her and then going down to the North End and roaming until we find the perfect spot to enjoy each other and our surroundings.”

A romantic at heart, Brandon does have pet peeves when it comes to dating. “I hate when girls avoid speaking their mind, or worse, say one thing but clearly mean another.” He’s deadest on finding someone who is comfortable being honest, because he admits that, “we’re all works in progress.”

In conclusion, girls, there’s a hot commodity up for grabs on this campus. Next time you pass him by, even if he’s got headphones on blaring some “soft-rock/pop mixture in the morning and a little dance or R&B at night,” make sure to say hi and win him over with a discussion about photography. Or better yet, get to know him better know now, and look for him on Twitter at @travelingfiend! 

As a junior in the College of Communication at Boston University, my interest areas include anything from fashion to popular culture, traveling the globe to basic DIY tips, film/TV reviews to recipes, and more! I'm also addicted to drinking tea and reading Thought Catalog (simultaneously, of course), and I couldn't be more excited to be a member of the HerCampusBU writing team. I also have my own personal blog, The Jessica Chronicles, that is a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network. Happy reading!
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