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Free Menstrual Products Coming January 2019 to BU Restrooms Across Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

The time has finally come, Boston University will provide free menstrual products around main bathrooms across campus! 

Have you ever had that moment of dread where your period came a few days early right in the middle of a lecture? It is a terrible feeling. What makes it even worse is that you are unprepared, no pads, no tampons, and no friends to ask. It is absolutely awful.

Usually, students at BU wouldn’t expect to find menstrual products in the restrooms. But fear not! Those terrible moments will soon be easier to handle because BU is implementing a system where there are free pads and tampons in public restrooms around campus.

Many BU students often ask the question: why does BU have so many unstocked feminine hygiene dispensers in bathrooms across campus? Hayley Gambone started to search for an answer to this question her freshman year at BU. She came up with a proposal to bring free feminine hygiene products to restrooms across campus, following in suit many other universities around the states including Brown, Harvard, and the University of Vermont.

Gambone met with students and faculty throughout the BU community, in order to gain knowledge and backing on her proposal. Eventually, Gambone met with Dean Elmore where they decided to bring the proposal to Innovate@BU. Once everyone was on board the mission was a go! You can read more about Gamone’s endeavors here.

And now the time is finally here! BU will be providing free feminine hygiene products all around campus. The buildings included are: The College of Fine Arts, the School of Hospitality Main Building, Physics/Biology Research Building, Questrom Schol of Business, Engineering Main Building, Photonics, Sargent College Main Building, COM Main Building, Metcalf Science Center, Fenway Campus WED Building, College of General Studies, Kenmore Classroom Building, Psychology Building, School of Theology, and the George Sherman Union.

Now, if you ever find yourself without a pad or tampon in a time of need, BU has got your back.


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Delanie is a senior at Boston University who loves Pavement's iced tea and the Charles River. She has a passion for writing and is on an adventure to find the best coffee shop in Boston. 
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