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Flying Tiger Copenhagen: The Cutest Stationery Store In Downtown Crossing

After a successful Primark x Her Campus trip early last week, my friends and I were walking back up Park Street to the T station just on the outskirts of Boston Common. To our left, going mostly unnoticed on the way down to the event due to our excitement, was Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Although closed at the time, I decided to venture back to this stationery store a couple of days after the event to have a little wander around and check it out during the daytime instead of walking by their display window at nighttime. The store feels like a mix between a Papyrus and a Papersource with some added wacky character that really builds up the interesting and exciting vibe of the store. Everything is very neatly organized and the white walls give the store itself a sophisticated feel, but you never know what you’re going to find. 

The store isn’t huge, but it’s clean and homey. The products are set up on shelves in a zig-zag pattern to the back of the store, letting customers loop around and get a whole, wide view of whatever they may be interested in buying. The products themselves are both off-the-cuff and traditional of a stationery store: for instance, Flying Tiger Copenhagen sells both mini metal shopping carts and baskets and also bullet journals and calendars, which are already in stock for 2020 if you want to prepare! On top of all that, right in the front of the store, there’s a row of cute Halloween decor and stationery pieces in time for the festive season. Overall, there’s something for everyone and it tends to be one of those stores that you walk into, and buy something you never knew you actually needed. I ended up buying a little peach and silver-colored mini shopping cart, due to aesthetic purposes. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’m happy to have it. 

Something worthy of note as well is the store’s massive wall of candles built into the back of their store. Despite not being able to actually burn candles where I live, I still have a huge amount of appreciation for different colors of candles, and different scents of candles. This wall satisfied my appreciation and most likely yours too if you tend to be the same! With the number of different colors of candles, shapes, and sizes, it’s easy for anyone to find the candle that works perfectly for whatever situation they need or like it for. The tall, thin white candles are always perfect for a winter holiday dinner with your family while the bright pink, blue, and orange ones can be great for just hanging out with your friends in a more casual setting. 

Although I’ve never been a huge stationery store person and never been truly inclined to walk into a Papyrus and mill around, Flying Tiger Copenhagen really attracted me with their added elements of fun and funky knick-knacks to find amidst the normal journals and calendars that they’re selling.

It was certainly a fun experience to stumble across a great store like this simply on my walk back to the T station, and now it’s turned into one of my favorites. Always remember to check out the stores that look interesting to you either on your way to work, walk home from an event, or just during daily life! You never know what you’ll find. 


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I'm a sophomore at Boston University studying journalism on a pre-law school track.
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