Five Thriller Novels You Need to Read Right Now

By Jillian Gately 

I love mystery and thriller novels; they’re one of my favorite ways to unwind from a busy day of classes and homework. Recreational reading is supposed to be relaxing, and finding a good book can be difficult, so I’ve compiled a list of five must-read thriller novels for people looking to add a little more reading into their life.

1. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

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Gillian Flynn is a thriller QUEEN. This popular thriller was recently adapted as TV series. Camille, our protagonist, is forced to return to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri to report on a string of serial murders devastating the quaint town. The story seems basic enough, but the final twist will blow you away! Flynn’s novel is more than just a basic mystery; she is able to artfully incorporate the challenges of strained family relationships and coming of age into a gripping plot.

2. The Woman in the Window by A.J Finn

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This book was so good I finished it in two days—I couldn’t put it down! The novel is so popular, it’s being adapted for a movie set to release in 2020. The novel’s suspense is relentless. Each time I reached a twist I thought that had to be it—the big reveal of the novel. When I finally did reach the final twist, my jaw dropped. Like Sharp Objects, Finn novel is about out more than just a mystery. He delivers strong messages about coping with loss, crippling anxiety, and addiction, through a hair-raising plot. I guarantee you’ll be offering this novel as a book recommendation whenever you get the chance!

3. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

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This is another novel so popular it was adapted into a film released in 2016 (sensing a pattern here?) The novel is told from the perspectives of three women: Rachel, Anna, and Megan. Rachel, our main character, has taken to people-watching while on the train back and forth to London. She becomes so familiar with the people on her daily commute she begins to create imaginary lives for them, but this all comes to a crashing halt when a woman she has steadfastly watched for months, Megan, is murdered. Rachel’s obsession with finding the truth leaves her in the middle of a murder investigation, but she never expected the truth to be so devastating.

4. Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

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This novel is perfect for fans of Victorian novels! It’s definitely the outlier of the group because of its age. The book was published in 1862 and is classified as a Victorian sensationalist novel—a popular genre for entertainment. The novel has only recently gained academic prestige and popularity, but it’s one of the best books I have ever read. This novel has all classic aspects of a mystery novel: a murder, a secret identity, and a checkered past. In addition to its mind-blowing plot, the opulence of the Victorian era adds an extra layer of intrigue to the novel.

5. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christie is one of the OG female mystery writers, so obviously I have to give her a shout out! And Then There Were None is a classic mystery novel, and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend. This was the novel that first made me interested in mystery/ thriller novels. Ten strangers are invited to an island and are murdered one by one. They hunt for the murderer amongst them, but as the number of living guests dwindles, their paranoia increases. The suspense builds throughout the novel and finally culminates with an astonishing ending. Good thing the novel is short because you won’t be able to put it down!

I hope this list of must-read thrillers comes to use the next time you’re looking for a good read! 


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