Five Things to Do During Your Study Breaks

Let’s be real; after months of devoting so much time and energy to school work, feeling bored is inevitable. And conveniently enough, this restlessness comes just as finals are approaching. Luckily, we have some mini break activities to keep you engaged and energized during these troubling times. Here are some things you can do from 15 to 30 minutes for a full and fun break.

  1. 1. Go for a Stroll

    While this may seem too obvious to be fun, going out and getting some fresh air can revive your focus… weather permitting of course. You can go down the street and back for your coffee and snack fix, or even take a trip to a new and unfamiliar study spot. On an extra nice day, you could even spend some time sitting in the grass. To spice it up, pick a playlist or podcast that you don’t usually study to so that your finals-centric worries don’t rain down on your walk. 

  2. 2. Start Planning Your Summer

    Though many of us are still waiting to hear from job and internship opportunities, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about all the cute things you will be doing this season. For every one hour of work, reward yourself fifteen minutes to look up concerts, amusement parks, and other cool things you want to check out in the summertime. While you’re at it, find yourself a new summer outfit. You deserve it after this stressful time.

  3. 3. Chef it Up

    We often neglect our overall health during finals; from sleepless nights to eating the worst junk food ever. So, why not take a break to feed yourself some actual nutrients? You don’t have to go crazy with a five-course meal, but have fun with it. Look up some new recipes on Pinterest (things with zoodles have been my personal favorites) and go to town. If you’re craving something sweet, try a dessert recipe that provides for easy, healthy snacking.

  4. 4. Start Organizing for Move Out

    Whether or not you live on campus, saving your packing, or post-finals clean up, for the very last minute will just lead to more unnecessary stress. So, to avoid frantically packing the night before you leave school, start small when you’re feeling restless at your desk. Put your winter clothes into bins, start taking down your posters and knickknacks, and make piles of the things you want to keep or maybe donate. That way, your breaks will feel just as productive as a non-stop study session in Mugar.

  5. 5. Get Artsy With It

    If you feel like you’re brain is completely overloaded by academic material, you definitely need to give it a break to preserve your retention of information. From doing a more extensive doodle or coloring book page, to getting some materials for friendship bracelets, let the Bob Ross inside of you shine. Even painting your nails will be enough to give your brain a well-deserved break.

While the end of the semester can be deemed a serious time, it doesn’t mean you have to rule out fun or creativity altogether. Make sure to take care of yourself and give breaks when needed.

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