The Five Modeling Do's and Don'ts—A Product of College Fashion Week

This past weekend, the fashion gods blessed Boston with College Fashion Week (CFW). If you aren't already "in the know," College Fashion Week is an annual fashion show produced by Her Campus and Primark. The show features the hottest looks from Primark's fall collection modeled by Her Campus contributors from around the country. It’s like if style, glamour, fun, and friends were all rolled into one fashion forword burrito.

This year I had the privilege of being one of the eighteen models to grace the runway at College Fashion Week. Even though it was my first time modeling, I feel that the experience has molded me into a "professional model." At this point, I think that I can get in a pose-off with supermodels like Kendall Jenner and emerge victoriously. As a way of going back to my humble roots as a Her Campus Contributor, I present five modeling Do's and Don’s to get you, my dear reader, started on your career.

  1. 1. DO Look the Part

    Being a model is all about appearances. So as a model, you need to make sure you have perfect makeup at all times, have blemish-free skin, and your hair should be quaffed in an elegant yet effortless style. Simply put, you want to look like you could be made of plastic. Anything conveying that you are human with realistic imperfections is right out. 

  2. 2. DON’T Trip on the Catwalk

    Models only have one job: to make this season's clothes look good. So the only thing a model should think about is gliding down the catwalk with ease. Thinking about other stuff while you strut your stuff is not part of the job description,  so you might as well just empty your pretty little head. Besides, thoughts about social justice, empathy, or anything that is of significance to the people around you are so last season.

    This also goes without saying, but falling on your face in front of a crowd of people is never a good look.

  3. 3. DO always sacrifice comfort for style

    Say goodbye to your Birkenstocks and hello to Balenciaga Stilettos. As a model, you should be wearing what's fashion-forward both on-and-off the runway. It's important that you are sporting the latest trends at all times. As a famous model all eyes will be on you every time you step out on the town. A professional model wouldn’t be caught by the paparazzi wearing sweatpants on a lazy Sunday. Wanna pop over to 7-Eleven for a late-night junk food fix? Well, you better be looking like a snack.

  4. 4. DON’T Strike Generic Poses

    The difference between a model and a supermodel is the presentation. At your next photoshoot, don’t strike the same old poses. Instead of putting your hands on your hips or smize-ing like Tyra, try channeling your inner interpretive dancer. Put your hands out by your sides to look like a crazed ostrich in flight or put both legs behind your head to capture that edgy snail look that’s all the rage in Paris. Whatever you decide to do, just remember "If the pose looks normal, you are doing it wrong.”

  5. 5. DO Crush the Competition

    To make it on the catwalk, you have to have claws. Being nice to the people around you is a nice sentiment for the average Plain Jane. But real models understand that the girls they share the runway with are their competition. So to walk in the premiere shows of the season you need to be willing to play dirty. Discreetly trip them as you pass them on the runway, replace their hairspray with non-stick cooking spray, or Nair their eyebrows off while they sleep. Feel free to also get creative with your methods of sabotage!

  6. 6. Bonus - Throw the last five tips away and just be yourself.

    If you haven't figured it out yet, the last five tips were just for jokes to make a point about what modeling really is. The mission of College Fashion Week is to portray "The Real Runway." Her Campus and Primark want to show people that models come in all body types and from diverse backgrounds. The women I had the privilege of modeling with during CFW were all beautiful in their own way. Some were poised and petite while others were vivacious and effervescent. But no matter what the model's size or style was, each had the right to express themselves through fashion. 

At its core, The Real Runway isn't about having perfect makeup, wearing the craziest trends, or even about nailing every pose. It's about empowering women through styles they can feel great wearing.


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