Five Mobile Games to Destress With

With the school year coming to an end comes a cascade of final project due dates and final exams. Need to take a break from the seemingly endless amount of work you have? Here are five apps you can download on your phone that provide a relaxing virtual escape from reality.

  1. 1. Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls

    Taking place in a cozy Japanese diner, players take on the role of a grandma who takes on the helm of her husband’s diner after his retirement. Unlike most cooking games where you have to beat the clock or else face the wrath of angry customers, this game is very casual and slow-paced with simple controls. There’s a range of dishes to “make”, from orange juice to pork cutlets to clam miso soup, that only requires a couple of taps. Additionally, there’s a whole slew of customers that strike conversations with you and come together to create an interesting storyline. If you need an easy-going game with a bit of variety, this is the game for you.

  2. 2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Want in on the recent hype for Animal Crossing but don’t have a Switch? No worries! Nintendo released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to bring the beloved classic to phones. While the app version does not offer all of the features in the video game, there’s still a ton of fun things to do from meeting different animals to going fishing on different islands to decorating your own campsite. Players are given a whole range of tasks but aren’t given much pressure to finish them by a certain time. You can take it easy and surround yourself with the virtual landscape for a stress-free and fun experience with this app.  

  3. 3. Paint By Number

    If you’re not much of an artist but want to do something creative, give Paint By Number a shot. The app features tons of different coloring sheets that just require matching the allocated spaces with the associated color. With just a couple of taps, you’ll be left with gorgeous flowers and sunsets as you tap your way through “coloring” these digital coloring sheets.

  4. 4. Penguin Isle

    Ever want to own a colony of penguins? Well, with Penguin Isle you can! Players can build their own island of penguins as they collect cute penguins and build different homes for them. The aesthetically pleasing graphics and simple controls give the game a soothing quality that makes it the perfect game to unwind with after a long day of studying and typing up papers.

  5. 5. Deemo

    Deemo is more than just your typical phone game. A fusion of a piano-playing app and a story-oriented app, the app follows a creature named Deemo who finds a girl with a mysterious past. To unlock the full story, players must play through and complete different stages by playing different piano songs written specifically for the game (think Guitar Hero but with a more soothing soundtrack). The graphics are absolutely gorgeous and the songs are out of this world. Deemo is definitely a game that’s worth a shot.

Have some fun during your study break with one of these five apps!

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