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Five Boston Dinner Spots for Your Food Bucket List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Boston’s cuisine options have something for everyone. Whether you want something familiar and comfortable, or you’re looking to order a menu item you can’t even pronounce, this city has it all. These spots are perfect for a night out with your friends, a family visit, or even a date. The variety of food has something for everyone and the atmospheres always make for a good time. They’re the kind of places where anything you order will be a mouthwatering delight. Check out a few of my favorite places below the next time you and your friends are brainstorming a new place to chow down.


1. The Beehive

Photo Credit: beehiveboston.com

If you can picture the ideal jazz bar from a movie, it would be The Beehive. Arguably the best dinner date spot, the environment that the Beehive creates is unlike any other. Live jazz music, a hole-in-the-wall underground type seating vibe, and amazing décor, this restaurant will not disappoint. The menu features combinations that seem uncommon but will blow you away.


2. Saltie Girl

Photo Credit: saltiegirl.com

Like its fun, enticing name suggests, Saltie Girl has amazing seafood. There are classic items like lobster rolls, but also unique things to try like octopus empanadas. The employees are so friendly and helpful. They recommend their favorite items to try right off the bat and create an all-around welcoming experience. 


3. Russel House Tavern

Photo Credit: russelhousecambridge.com

Russel House Tavern in Cambridge’s Harvard Square features a variety of food options. There are oysters from all around the East Coast as well as the West Coast. They have delicious burgers and sandwiches, as well as unique appetizers. How does duck poutine sound? These rare food combos are sure to wow you during your next dinner date. 


4. Earls

Photo Credit: earls.ca

Earl’s Kitchen and Bar has such a cool rooftop patio environment. There’s indoor seating, but the outdoor area is where this restaurant really shines. Its salad combinations are incredible (as is every option here), so you really can’t go wrong.


5. Fugakyu

Photo Credit: fugakyu.net

Located in Brookline, Fugakyu is the place to go for sushi. Their sushi variety plates give you a chance to try it all, and it’s so worth it. You can get combinations of what you like, or try something new. One of the best parts of this restaurant are the options for seating areas. They have intimate booths with sliding doors that create a private room for you and your guests.


If you’re ever craving a new restaurant to visit while in Boston, stop by one of these amazing places! There is always an opportunity to try something new or stick with old favorites. Each spot offers its own unique ambiance and menu. Who knows, you might end up finding a new place to frequent!


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Sonja is a senior at Boston University from New Hampshire studying journalism. On campus, Sonja works to promote various brands to the college audience. She has been an ambassador for Razor Scooters, Venmo, Rent the Runway, Comcast Xfinity, and BEARPAW Shoes! When she's not writing or working, she loves exploring restaurants and taking pictures around Boston!
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