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Five of the Best Photography Spots on BU’s Campus

While the ever-present construction on BU’s campus may be unsightly, there are still plenty of picturesque spots on and near campus. Now that we’re all gone from campus for the rest of the semester, reminiscing on our memories there and planning for photoshoots next year helps to beat the nostalgia. Here are my favorite places to take photos, so your Instagram game is even stronger in the Fall!

Morse Auditorium

During the summer and early fall, Morse has the most beautiful ivy trailing down the building. This is the perfect clean-but-natural background for any photos you want to take with friends! The lighting is also particularly beautiful because the Rajen Kilachand building covers the sun later in the day, preventing any harsh or spotty sunlight from ruining the photo.

Along Bay State Road

Bay State Road isn’t any sort of secret—all of Boston University knows Bay State is wonderfully scenic no matter the time of year. Whether you are shooting in the middle of the road (watch out for cars!), or in front of a brownstone, this is the best spot on campus to encapsulate Bostonian architecture.

Hall’s Pond

Hall’s Pond is slightly off-campus, and a hidden gem in Brookline. You can find the nature reserve by getting off at the Boston University West T-stop and walking down Amory Street a couple of blocks. From there, Hall’s Pond and the adjacent dog park is on your left! Personally, I have taken photos with friends there during golden hour, as depicted above, but I also enjoy visiting Hall’s Pond just to relax. The pond and surrounding forest are both calming and reminiscent of my home back in rural New Jersey. If I’m looking to escape city life, this is the first place I go.

The BU Beach

Anytime Boston weather cooperates and provides us with a sunny, warm day, you can find dozens of BU students on the “beach.” The BU Beach is the only continuous patch of greenery on campus and is also a wonderfully organic spot for photos.

Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering

Finally, if you are looking for an indoor location, the Rajen Kilachand Center is the place to go! The building is filled with white and silver-toned spaces that look gorgeous on any Instagram feed. Just a few weeks ago, I shot in the space with my friend, Caroline, for her blog. It is a very cool and relatively unknown space—if not to take photos than to study.

There are so many scenic spots on and near campus that are perfect for your Instagram. I hope you explore these places and enjoy them as much as I do!

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Cait is a junior at Boston University studying International Relations and Journalism. She is excited to continue writing and editing for Her Campus BU this Fall. On-campus, Cait is also a member of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta where she holds an officer position. Other than writing, Cait loves photography, her cats, and exploring the effects of nuclear proliferation. You can find out more about Cait's plans and goals at www.caitmeyer.com
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