Finals As Told By "New Girl"

It’s the highly anticipated and much-dreaded transition from April into May when every college student is slammed with sleepless nights and caffeine overindulgence. In a word-finals: the last barrier to summer vacation. In an attempt to filter a small ray of light into our exhausted and overworked minds, I’ve compiled this series of New Girl moments. No team can capture the stress and pain of finals like Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Coach, and Cece.

There’s the pre-finals anticipation.

We know they’re coming, and want to soak up every second of free time before the library becomes a campground.

The studying begins.

But you’re just not feeling motivated… so you can procrastinate a little longer.

Now the studying begins.

And sleep deprivation hasn’t hit yet, so you’re ready to tackle the textbooks… All day!

After a little while, you begin to fade.

So you’ve had a few sleepless nights, but we’re all young. We can bounce back!

And there’s so much more to do.

You feel prepared to ace one of your finals… and then remember you have three more to prep for…

Naturally, our sanity begins to slip a little.

How long can the body function without the proper amount of sleep?

A breakdown might occur…

Don’t be ashamed to let out a few tears.

You decide to reward yourself!

Why not grab a quick snack? Or take 20 minutes to rewatch your favorite New Girl episode?

You might slip in a nap or two?

Remember, sleep is important! You can’t read a textbook if your eyes are burning.

Refreshed, it’s time for that final push.

Just a few more hours of studying, then you’re good to go!

Finals arrive!

Now it’s time to take the dreaded exams.

And one by one you check them off the list.

Just one more, you tell yourself. The light at the end of the tunnel is slowly getting brighter.

Then you’re done!

You write that final word on the essay. Or calculate that final equation. And your pencil falls from your hand onto your desk. In this moment, you don’t care how bad the exam might’ve gone. The pain has ended!

Now it’s time to celebrate!

Personally, I sleep for a week.

If Nick Miller can write a novel, you can crush your finals. Summer is just around the corner!


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