Fall Favorites at Madewell

Madewell is one of my favorite stores, and their fall collection does not disappoint. With cozy sweaters, coats, and scarves, this store has become my go-to for fall and winter essentials. Here is a guide to some of Madewell's comfy and fashionable wardrobe essentials from their fall collection!


1. Chunky Sweaters

Thick sweaters have long been a fall favorite. This deep olive color gives this classic style a unique twist while matching perfectly with your favorite jeans.


2. Sweater Coats

Sweater coats are everywhere this fall, and Madewell has plenty of cozy options. In a variety of colors and lengths, these chic coats will keep you warm and stylish.


3. Velvet Boots

Statement shoes can make an outfit, as proven by these deep blue velvet boots. Pair these with just about anything to spice up your wardrobe!


4. Unique Handbags

This circular bag is both eye-catching and functional. This retro style will add a bit of old-fashioned charm to any autumn outfit.


5. Simple Patterns

Delicate patterns like the ones on this dress are very popular right now, and Madewell has plenty of fall-inspired designs. This long-sleeve dress with a peacock feather pattern is great for the fall holidays!


6. Cape Scarves

As the brisk fall air arrives, scarves are an essential source of warmth. Chic cape scarves provide extra warmth and extra style.


7. Beauty Collection

Madewell’s new beauty collection may not be specifically for fall, but this moisturizer will combat the harsh winter winds! With minimalistic French-inspired packaging, the beauty collection provides low-maintenance makeup for a no-hassle look.


Fall is the perfect season for comfortable layers and bold new trends, and Madewell is a great place to stock up on all your autumn staples. Stay warm and fashionable this season!

All photos from madewell.com.