Every Emotional Stage of Seeing Your Pets When You Visit Home

There are lots of things students look forward to when they go back home for a visit like sleeping in their own beds, taking advantage of home cooked meals, and catching up with high school friends. But for many of us the most exciting perks of returning home is getting to see the beloved pets that you had to leave behind for college. While you can touch base with your parents over phone calls and Skype, there’s really no cure for missing your animals other than seeing them in person.  

1. Constantly ranting to your parents about how psyched you are to see your dog (cat, rabbit, etc.) when you get home. And then having to assure your Mom that you totally missed her too!

2. Looking at old pics of your animals on your phone and counting down the days…hours…minutes…until you’ll finally be able to see them in person.

3. Sprinting through the door and calling out their names like the final scene of a really dramatic romance movie.  Seeing their adorable furry faces light up as they recognize you and come running to deliver a heartfelt greeting. 

4. Accusing your parents/siblings of not paying enough attention to your dog or cat while you’re gone and telling them they need to double up on the love and attention in order to make up for your absence. 

5. And even if they listen and try to get cozy with your pet you’re still smug because you know that deep down they’ll always love you the most.

6. Making the most of your bonding time with by telling them about all your wild college adventures during long walks or while watching TV together on the couch.

7. Hugging them tight when you finally have to say your tearful goodbyes and promising them over and over again that you’re not leaving forever! 

8. Getting back to school and wistfully wishing you could have brought your fuzzy friends back to live in your dorm room with you, but deep down knowing that they’re happiest back home and you’ll be reunited again for the summer.


Maybe one day all universities will start offering extra puppy-friendly housing, but until then, cherish every moment of the time you do have together and be glad that you’re lucky enough to always have someone back home who looks forward to seeing you!