Ethical & Sustainable Winter Coats Are Not A Myth

Finding the perfect coat for the chilly Boston winter can be a struggle. It’s difficult to find a coat that uses sustainable products, is ethically manufactured AND is within your price range. Thankfully, a few companies have produced quality coats that fit the criteria.

1. Eddie Bauer ($$)

Credit: Eddie Bauer, Women’s Lodge Down Duffle ($279)

Eddie Bauer is leading brand in ethical labor practices. They have a policy of global labor practices, which include the workplace codes they follow. They are against forced labor and child labor, and also practice non-discrimination. This company is also responsibly down-certified, meaning their factories use certified humane practices to manufacture their coats.

2. North Face ($$)

Credit: North Face, Women’s Metropolis Parka II ($289)

North Face has a responsibility code that focuses on the environmental impact of their clothing. They use recycled materials and vow to follow sustainable factory practices. Like Eddie Bauer, they are also responsible down-certified and even have a step by step process on their website explaining how they produce down coats.

3. L.L.Bean ($)

Credit: L.L Bean, Winter Warmer Coat ($129)

L.L.Bean follows an official manufactures code of conduct to ensure their products are safe and legally created. They use natural materials and also focus on using recycled products. They are also responsible down-certified. Unlike other companies, they care greatly about their environmental impact and ensure the use of green power in their factories.

4. Patagonia ($$)

Credit: Patagonia, Down Women’s With It Parka ($299)

Patagonia promotes a corporate responsibility to ensure there are safe working conditions in their facilities. Their website has a section dedicated to any working condition concern a consumer may have. Patagonia, like L.L.Bean, cares about the impact their practices and materials have on the environment. They focus on recycling materials and products through their “used gear” line, properly named Worn Wear.

5. Canada Goose ($$$)

Credit: Canada Goose, Approach Jacket ($775)

Canada Goose has their own policy on down and fur. Their Canada Goose Down Transparency Standard and Canada Goose Fur Transparency Standard reference specific protocol their workers must follow to be ethical and legal in their factories.

Whatever your price range, there is a coat that can uphold the ethical standards you desire. Whether your focus is caring for the environment, good labor practices, or ethically sourced materials, there is a company out there with (one or all three) these policies!


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