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An Episode of the “The Office” for Every Mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Everyone knows “The Office”, a workplace comedy focusing on the shenanigans of the staff of Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company. I watched this show with my sister religiously over the course of a summer. So religiously, in fact, that my father asked us when we had last watched something that didn’t have Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson in it. We assured him that “The Office” was not the only thing we watched. We were lying through our teeth. This show has an episode for every mood, some of which I have included in the guide below. 

For when you need a laugh: Season 5, Episode 14 “Stress Relief: Part 1”  

Believing that the office is not knowledgeable enough in fire safety, Dwight prepares an elaborate drill to test the group. I have never laughed so hard at a show in my entire life. My sister and I re-watched this episode an unreasonable number of times and it was still just as hilarious as the first. This episode, ripe with hilarity, can remind you that absurdity and humor are still alive and well. Watch this episode after doing group assignments with groups of people who think laughter is a waste of energy and don’t laugh at your well-structured joke. This episode can be watched to escape life’s doldrums.   

For when you need some female empowerment Season 3, Episode 22 “Beach Games” 

When Michael takes the office on a day trip to the beach, Pam gains back enough confidence to voice her true opinions. Most of us can relate to the feeling of being overlooked or mistreated and lacking the confidence to stand up for ourselves. Pam proves that it is possible to regain faith in your own ability and stand up for yourself. If you require the extra push to fight for what you need, watch this episode. 

For when you need to believe in love again Season 6, Episode 4/5 “Niagara Falls”

Jim and Pam tied the knot at Niagara Falls after watching their friendship grow into something more. I am a sap and a romantic comedy junkie and was more than satisfied with this perfect blend of love and wit. I cried shamelessly. This episode is perfect for when you feel like there is no love left in the world, or when you find out that Brangelina has come to an end. 

For when you need to feel better about a mistake you made Season 6, Episode 12 “Scott’s Tots” 

Michael promised a group of elementary school kids that he would pay for their college. When the time comes for them go off to school, he has to explain to the group that he cannot afford to help in a cringe-inducing fashion. No stranger to being in uncomfortable spots, this episode reminds me that it is possible to bounce back from anything. This is an episode for the days of failing pop quizzes and spilling coffee on your favorite sweater. 

For when being productive is the last thing you want to do: Season 2, Episode 3 “Office Olympics” 

Rather than filing their expense reports, the office holds the Dunder-Mifflin Olympic Games. Using a competitive array of events like “Dunderball” and “Hateball”, “The Office” manages to take procrastination to an admirable new level. Although I have tried to orchestrate similar events for the promotion of procrastination inside of study lounges, no one will take the bait. Grades are too important to be sacrificed for the sake of winning a medal made out of a yogurt lid. Wasting your time with this show is the next best thing. 

In summary, “The Office” is a gem. It is comparable to sushi, which is amazing and fulfilling without being too heavy. I have watched this show in good times and bad because it makes me feel better, plain and simple. The next time you need a pick me up or a good show to binge watch after finishing “Breaking Bad”, “The Office” is just a Netflix subscription away.  

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Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.